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Your June = planned

Let's forget the fact that it doesn't feel like summer right now in Cleveland.

It's June 1, so what will you have going on this month?

Retox events

MIX - It's the first Friday of every month. You know what to do. It's your chance to introduce the stunning art museum to Clevelanders and out of town guests for the night. Why not?

When: Mix: Fusion at the Cleveland Museum of Art

Tacos & Tequila - What more do you really need to know? The last Scene event I went to was amazing (United We Brunch), so I expect big things from them with this one.

When: Tacos & Tequila, Saturday June 6th, 1 p.m. - 5 p.m at Tyler Village. Admission is free.

Edgewater Live - Back for its second year, this is a Thursday happy hour you want to make it to for  the lake views, food trucks and live music. Tip: Don't fight traffic in Edgewater. Park up on Battery Park and walk down instead.

When: Edgewater Live, Thursday, June 11 - 5:30 - 8:30 p.m. Admission is free.

Summer Solstice - I'm hoping you were lucky enough to grab a ticket because this event sold out in just a FEW days this year. That's right - 6,000 tickets sold in a matter of days.

When: Summer Solstice, Saturday June 20, 8 p.m. - 1 p.m.

Detox events

Yogi Nation - Spend Saturday morning in Tremont with this wellness event where you can run, practice yoga, eat and listen to live music. Get your workout on with GrooveRyde, Studio 11 and more.

When: Yogi Nation, Saturday, June 13, 9 a.m. - 12 p.m. Tickets are $17 each before ($22 day of) or $99 for the whole season.

Sunday Market - Pull yourself together after WHATEVER happened Saturday night to eat and shop in Hingetown. I can never support staying away from the champagne garden though. It's not in me but you can give it a try!

When: Sunday Market, Sunday, June 21, 10 a.m. - 4 p.m. Admission is free.

2RUN6 | Run the Bridges - Brought to you by the ladies of Harness Cycle, you can join them and a group of other runners every Wednesday evening.

When: 2Run6 | Running the Bridges, Every Wednesday, 6:30 p.m. No charge! Meet at Harness then take off with the team.

Here we go summer!

goodbye, summer

Well there it went.


All three months of it flew by with only a few 80 degree days mixed in for me to barely get a tan with my Polish, Croatian and Hungarian skin.

My Labor Day weekend went something like this.

Thursday - Pre-season Browns tickets on the most perfect summer/fall night where my friends and I somehow landed on the field during the national anthem. Note: While on the field, my friend and season ticket holder almost was hit in the face with a warm-up punt (or whatever you call that). Luckily she didn't because she would have totally broke her nose and likely half of her face. No photos were allowed on the field, otherwise I would have caught this almost-terrible-accident on camera.

Look closely and you'll find me!

Saturday -  This summer, I haven't made it to the Put-in-Bay like last year. It's still on my list to somehow pull off in the next month or two in between Browns games. Instead of slinging back shots in the Roundhouse, my boyfriend and I spent the afternoon at East Harbor Beach all the way up in Marblehead for a day of relaxation. Believe it or not, Lake Erie doesn't look like the Lake Erie in Cleveland - it has hints of the ocean in it I swear.

The birds preying on us

Sunday - I continued the relaxing weekend with a dinner with friends at Luxe in Ohio City with a patio dinner. I have been to Luxe countless times and never have eaten on the patio. I know - I was shocked too.

With the best server ever, matching outfits with Tony

That's a wrap, summer! Now let's focus on fall fashion with New York Fashion Week kicking off on Thursday and the Browns season starting on Sunday.

your summer = planned Part II

We are halfway through the summer. Are you bored?

I hope the answer is a resounding "No!"

It's absolutely impossible in my book with the 80 degree weather Cleveland has been receiving, the RNC announcement and the LeBron is coming back any day now to his castle in Bath.

So, you say you need some more events to go to? Choose wisely!

Booze your face off and eat events:

12th annual Taste of Tremont - It has been a long two years since I've been to the Taste of Tremont. Being out of town the past two years, it is a truly fun and normally sweaty as hell event where Professor Street is packed with people of all ages and parking lots filled of local bands.

When: Taste of Tremont, This Sunday, July 20, 12 p.m. to 8 p.m. Admission is free, parking is just about hilarious over there so I suggest you Lyft of Uber.

Burning River Fest - It's a beer festival to literally remember when our river infamously caught on fire in 1969. I seems to the be the only thing the national media likes to report on so you might as well as take yourself plus friends to the best little part of Cleveland in the summer - Whiskey Island and Wendy Park.

When: Burning River Fest, Saturday, July 25, 6 p.m to 11 p.m. Tickets are $12 to $50. And if you are coming from the west, expect long delays to actually get there because the exit is closed. CLOSED for six months.

Twilight at the Zoo - Years ago I went and had a smashing time with friends but haven't been back because it's the conundrum of two events back to back - Krusty's Summer Camp is the next day. Can you do both? Say it with me, YES YOU CAN! There are 18 brands throughout the zoo and numerous drink stations. See your favorite animals, take some selfies and enjoy a Friday night at the Zoo.

When: Twilight at the Zoo, Friday, August 1, 7 p.m. to 1 a.m. Tickets are sold out but you can try your hand at the giveaway here.

Tastings on the Terrace at the Cleveland Museum of Art - The Art Museum is at it again with a new series of summertime events that I can get behind with Tastings on the Terrace.  Each Friday through 8/29, Provenance will feature a select drink “tasting” menu and pair it with complimentary small bites from the chef served outside on the rooftop terrace. What sounds better than that? Absolutely nothing!

When: Tastings on the Terrace, Friday, July 18, 5 p.m. to 8 p.m. Cost is $8-10 per drink. This week's event will feature summertime wines with a Mediterranean flatbread.

Hydrate, stretch and work off the boozing events:

Believe in CLE - The ladies of Inner Bliss are at it again with another evening outdoor event for early August on Mall B downtown Cleveland. Get ready for a 75 minute vinyasa flow with a surprise speaker to start off the night's event. Remember to sign up here FIRST!

When: Believe in CLE, Friday, August 8, 7:30 p.m. to 10:30 p.m. Free event.

Cupid's Undie Run Volleyball Tournament - You know how much I love playing volleyball if you follow my Instagram feed because Sundays at Wendy Park are my favorite activity in the summer. Join me, grab a team and sign up for the tournament. Last year, there were special drinks and lots of people playing in their underwear. Well, not really but the benefit is the Children's Tumor Foundation.

When: Cupids Volleyball Tournament, Saturday, August 10 at 11 a.m. $140 for a team, $40 for corn hole.

our losing team

Rooftop Yoga with Harness Cycle - My favorite spin studio is bringing rooftop yoga to Clevelanders every Sunday on top of the Federal Knitting Mill in Ohio City.  Make sure to sign up early because this Sunday's event is already wait listed.

When: Rooftop Yoga with Harness Cycle, Every Sunday at 11:30 a.m.

summer solsticing at the Cleveland Museum of Art

The first day of summer was quite possibly the most perfect summer weather night you hope for when you are planning to attend an outdoor event.

Two years ago at the Cleveland Museum of Art: Summer Solstice party, it was balls to the wall hot, humid and completely unbearable because I only lasted an hour with friends there.

It was the kind of heat when you stepped outside you started sweating immediately and any hope of your make-up staying put was pointless as your face literally would melt in a matter of minutes. The kind of heat where you need to be indoors or in a pool at all times.

Not this year, friends, not even close! It was a gorgeous evening outside celebrating summer and the "hottest summer music festival."

sea of the party people

Like past years, I opted for the late entrance tickets at 10:30 p.m. but after this year's event,  I'll upgrade next year to get the 8 p.m. tickets. The late tickets work well because you can grab dinner in Little Italy (or in our case Washington Place Bistro) and leisurely make your way to celebrate the first day of Summer.

Two reasons why it's time to go earlier:

1) You only have about 2 hours to see everyone and that's a TON of space to cover and friends to make sure you see.
2) More time to dance your ass off outside and inside the atrium.

You use the hashtag, your photo was shared throughout the museum

Party people partying with balloon hats and limbo

Tickets for CMA Solstice keep selling out quicker year after year just like the Jump Back Ball at Playhouse Square. I love this event every year - it's one of the first Cleveland events and kicks off the summer season with a bang.

If the weather is right, you are lucky enough like we were all on Saturday night to enjoy a beautiful summer night out with thousands of closest friends at one of my favorite places on the east side of Cleveland.

Why hello summer, it's great to see you again!

the best kind of book club

I would consider myself somewhat of an avid reader of fictional books and fashion magazines. Each month, I read Lucky, Glamour and Harper's Bazaar RELIGIOUSLY and include a book a month.

The book part can be iffy because sometimes I can easily fly through two or three books a month and other times I'm dragging out a book for two months.

I keep a very detailed list on my iPhone of what I should read next and that list keeps on growing and growing. With my upcoming family vacation, I plan to knock out three books that week - The Discovery of Witches, The Invention of Wings and Contagious - a fun little marketing type book.

Based on my inconsistent reading schedule, I am the least likely candidate to join any sort of book club that I have to complete reading the book because I will fail. It's like my juice cleanse try - great idea in theory but when it comes times to stick to juice, I simply can't!

Enter my friend Kelly and her genius idea of a book club. A book club to end all book clubs where you can't NOT read these books.

We are only reading books written by the Real Housewives of Bravo.

That's it.

The only books we will talk about each month are written by our favorite Bravo leading ladies.

That's right - anything and everything written by the riveting women who pull hair, cook and flip tables while dining with prostitution whores we will read.

Girls gone wild

Still my favorite cast even with Teresa

Our first book on the agenda was written by Brandi Glanville, author of Drinking and Tweeting, who loves her endless bottles of sauvignon blanc, educating readers on her vagina rejuvenation and coming up with hilarious insults for that child star turned country music singer.

First book done!

The book club discussed our first book over a breakfast of mimosas followed by pool time. It's a Cleveland summer and we crave our pool, beach and lake time like no one's business because we had one hell of a winter.

Bathing beauties

Technically I still haven't finished the whole book but you better believe I will finish it so I can start the next one from Brandi's other cast mate, Taylor Armstrong.

the start of summer

Ahhh, Memorial Day.

The unofficial start of summer.

As Clevelanders, our Memorial Day weekends can be a mix of several weather elements - rain, cloudy, 50 degrees or 80+ degrees, as we all got to experience this weekend. After the insanely  long winter filled with polar vortex after polar vortex, I was ridiculously happy to soak in all the sun rays and be outside from afternoon to night without a jacket on.

Even though I was happy, I still complained I was sweating on Press's patio with friends on Saturday and we cursed our local weather anchors because they lied! Sixty-five degrees, no way! I have the sunburnt shoulders and chest to prove it.

Memorial Day weekend Tremont bar crawl

There's always one who loves a duck face.

The weather continued to work in our favor with a breezy 80+ degrees through the holiday. Even though, we were still complaining that we were sweating while laying at Whiskey Island, I came up with a list of summer activities to check off my list.

Friends, my brother stretching and not a cloud in the sky

Well, maybe not a long list of activities but still, I already have 6 weeks planned so squeezing these in  should be no problem. I hope......
  • Put-in-Bay trip
  • Rent a boat and jet skis for the afternoon
  • Spend the afternoon at East Harbor Beach reading amazingly awful beach reads
  • Friday night Indians game
  • Scheduling a date for my Real Housewives Book Club with friends

Better hydrate - it's going to be a busy summer!

a sort of carnaval comes to The Shoreway

After living downtown Cleveland for 2.5 years, I am still excited to call the downtown my area home. Earlier this year, I actually looked at several different areas to move to in our popular neighborhoods over the bridges, but I decided against it for now and stayed in the downtown area, moving only one block west to the East 4th area. Because why not?!?

Virtual high five to myself because I love my new smaller and friendly little apartment building.

Upon making my decision, it was really hard to pass up The Shoreway and not patiently wait a few extra months and move farther west to the detroit shoreway neighborhood of Battery Park where you could see the apartments under construction.

You can't miss the building from the shoreway and I instagrammed a photo months ago when I saw the sign go up. New apartments available, yes please!

While I'm sticking in my downtown digs for the next year, the developers partnered with Valerie Mayen to host a one-of-a-kind fashion show and peek inside the 45 luxury apartments at The Shoreway.

Need plans June 7? Look no further and enter my giveaway below to win a pair of tickets to attend the event.

What: Carnaval Event featuring a full bar, fashion show and unreal views of the city
When: Saturday, June 7, at 7 p.m. - 2 a.m.
Where: The Shoreway

To enter to win, please comment on your favorite summer activity on this post with your twitter handle or email OR tweet the following by Friday, May 16:

Tweet to enter: "Pick me to win a pair of tickets to Carnaval on June 7 at The Shoreway, @allisonpeltz!"

Contest ends on Friday, May 16 at midnight and random winners will be announced on Monday, May 19.

Because I only have one pair of tickets to giveaway, you can get yours here but hurry - only standing room tickets left!!!!

Disclaimer: The kind people at The Shoreway provided me with a pair of tickets to host this giveaway for you fine people.  Enter at your own risk!

island time

Crossing summer places to go off my list, one weekend at at time.....

Saturday: I was on island time....

The last time I was in PIB was for a bachelorette party was in 2010. I swear it was just yesterday I was celebrating my friend's impending nuptials but time really does fly when you are having fun. After canceling this trip more times than I want to admit, I was nervous we wouldn't make it to the island this summer but it happened on the most perfect mild summer Saturday.

Having never been to the pool bars, it was pretty much the exact scenery you would expect - lots of interesting characters (some clad with accessories like a bright green rubber glove) and then guy who was a dancing machine next to me in a video doing his best Britney Spears impression of sorts.

The morning boat ride to the island

Mist pool bar in all its glory

leopard casualty: RIP my favorite Sperry summer sandals

Sunday: everyone is Italian at the feast

I'm not Italian but always like to pretend I amwhen I'm at the Feast each year. My favorite choices? Fried dough, fried dough and fried dough! I understand that's just dough covered in an obscene amount of sugar but get out of my way - I have to have it!

Excuse me, while I eat this piece of fried dough.

After we ate cavatelli, artichokes, stuffed peppers and cannolis to go, I was able to finally take a look at what everyone has been talking about regarding the major renovations to the Uptown neighborhood. I still have to make a trip to MOCA but was able to walk through the new buildings and scope how much the area has evolved over the past two years. It looks so completely different and the only thing I recognized was Mi Pueblo a few blocks down.

(Sorry for the lack of photos if you haven't been - I was too busy chatting with my friend and eating lemon cookies from Presti's Bakery to snap any photos as we walked through Uptown and Case's campus too.)

Disclosure: Thank you to Katrina and the Miller Ferry for providing my friends and I free tickets and access to a golf cart for our island time.

summer nights

How I spent my weekend....

Friday: at the ball park

There is nothing quite like a mild fall summer night to close out a busy work week.

Indians game; letting the chips "bake" in the cheese

Saturday: laying low

Pictureless. The food was just too good! I had a delicious late night dinner with at El Carnicero complete with al pastor (braised pork) taquitos and a amazing dragon-fruit-elderflower margarita with a salt rim - it was fuchsia and delicious.

Why else should you go there? Because Chef Eric responds to consumers and calls them out for their BS poor reviews - Go Eric.

Sunday: trying to get a tan

With four friends and one younger brother, I pulled together a volleyball team for Cupid's Volleyball Tournament to hopefully win the tournament, seeing as my team won our Sunday division for Cleveland Plays.

I blame the Cupid's Undies Punch for our 0-4 record for the day and maybe me not wearing my red sparkly tutu as to why we lost all FOUR games. But you can't say my team didn't have a hell lot of fun out there!

Dancing dog; sibling love; creative little sweat band; alcohol tent with the cupid's punch

No amount of matching sunglasses could help this team...

And to whomever has my red sparkly tutu, I hope you rock that thing with pride around town!

Put on your bikini and get to the beach

It's mid July, hot as hell this whole week and I find myself working incredibly hard at work and in the gym to make it through the week to the weekends. Much like last year, I want to be outside as much as I can on a beach, working on my version of a tan.

In honor of my weekends spent at my favorite little stretch of beach in Cleveland to have a Sunday Funday, here are two beach events happening in the next few weeks.

Remember hearing about the Cupid Undies Run in the winter? The race was the longest mile of my life as I ran freezing with friends and a few hundred other people in our undies through Tremont.

Need Sunday Funday plans? These crazy kids decided to host Cupid's Volleyball Tournament and Beach Party on Sunday, July 28, at Wendy Park so come down and play your best game volleyball in your bedroom best. Or, in my case, your bathing suit to support the Children's Tumor Foundation. It's $120 for a team of 4 or 6 or only $12 for the beach party. You don't want to miss the Lake Erie plunge at 3:30 p.m. do you?!?!

For apparently what is the last one EVER, the annual Krusty's Summer Sauce Camp is happening on Saturday, August 3, at Whiskey Island at 12 p.m. until you can't take the heat anymore. Tickets go on sale soon and can be purchased at local bars throughout the westside and downtown areas for $50 each. I couldn't drink enough beer to keep myself cool last year so my friends and I were basically in the lake last year for most of the event trying to keep cool.

Only place that was cool last year; Lisa brings her own t.p.

Mark your calendars, buy your tickets and hope to see you there!

you can find me at the beach

Well, there you have it.

It felt like summer this weekend.


It was the perfect kind of weather I love - ridiculously hot during the day where the only attire that makes sense is a bathing suit and at night, you need light material in sweat proof colors.

I spent a total of 10 hours at the beach this weekend, soaking up all the sun I could through my SPF 30 and beach hat and then toured the art museum and danced with a balloon costume to a few awesome DJs like DJ Rekha and DJ Afrika Bambattaa at the Cleveland Museum of Art's Summer Solstice party.

Kelly, Jess, @cleshopaholic and Christina; Sean breaking it down in sperrys; Lisa and Fishman; party on the stairs

the most amazing movement screens inside; gallery one on display outside; outside stage; @cleshopaholic in white
On Sunday, we relaxed, sunbathed, jet skied out in the lake off of Whiskey Island with Kara, my long lost friend, played a few poor games of cornhole and sweat our body weight out while playing an hour of volleyball in the hottest sand known to man.

Jill, the brave passenger; bro-ing out; cornhole in wind doesn't work; kara and her brothers organizing the jetskiing

Note: Corona may only be more hydrating than water during a 94 degree volleyball game.

back to the summer basics

Try as I might, I somehow have ended up with my weekends already planned for half of the summer. I'm looking at my calendar now and noticing that every remaining weekend in June is booked (and some of July) with weddings and local events. Granted, I can't wait to attend everything I have scheduled but sometimes I feel accidentally over planed each weekend.

I find myself saying no to invites from friends on Sundays more often now because it's a day to get back to the basics. And for me, back to the basics was saying an excited "yes!" to joining a summer volleyball league on the fabulous team properly named "No Sets in the Sand-pagne Room" and my weekly beach visits. I want my Sundays to be wide open with the exception of my volleyball games.

I haven't played on a summer volleyball in years.

Like 6 years at least.

And it was my favorite thing to do through high school and even at college at Kent. How the hell have I missed out for so long?

the view of the courts at Whiskey Island

view from Whiskey Island

It's about getting back to the basics this summer and the volleyball team was the first step. Lazy afternoons at the beach, maybe staying in my bathing suit all day until volleyball, spraying endless amounts of 30 SPF and NOT missing any spots on my back, staying after my team wins and enjoying the beautiful sunsets that I have missed during the cold winter months.

What does you back-to-basic summer routine look like?

How you prep for a race weekend

The big marathon weekend has come and gone and all my long Saturday runs and skipping my favorite hot yoga classes were worth it to finish it with a personal record.

The weekend started off with a night of pampering courtesy of Elle Magazine and Wella Professionals Hair products at Charles Scott Salon and Spa in Rocky River. We received manicures, make up and hair touch-ups and enough appetizers, desserts and champagne to make a girls' night out complete for sure.

@cleshopaholic getting her manicure; owner Chaz with a fellow blogger and the make up station

Find your favorite blogger; Charles Scott employees; yours truly

Friday night was the perfect 70 degree night which meant two things - first fireworks of the season and dollar hot dog night at the Indians game was a last-minute must for my friends.

Best $5 spent to light saber at the bar; surprise! Look who I found 

You can't have fun with a light saber - said no one ever.
Early Sunday morning, I joined thousands of other fellow runners to complete my fourth half marathon and to set a personal record of two hours, cutting off 20 minutes from my previous time.

Did I achieve it? Damn it - I didn't! I finished in at 2:09 and had an amazing time during the run, reading all the hilarious signs from friends and complete strangers that made me laugh as I ran toward the finish line. Leading up to every race I can't wait for it to be over and to be done with the long runs on Saturdays. Post race this year, a fellow runner was talking about the Rock and Roll half marathon and in October and I turned to my running partner, Melissa, and excitedly said, "Oh my god we should totally do that one!"

Completing her first 10k; Charles Ramsey cheering us on; Melissa and me finished; love a finish line view

If for some reason the half marathon wasn't enough exercise for a person in one day, I couldn't miss the first volleyball game of the season (as my teammates so nicely reminded me). I rallied later in the afternoon to play our way to our team's first win of the season and continued to work on my Miami tan.

Sunset Grille summer view; the volleyball team; someone wins for the brightest outfit

Disclosure: I was invited by Canopi to attend the Wella Professionals and Elle Magazine event. My thoughts and opinions are my own. But how cute did my hair look?

finding a little slice of happiness

Everyone should those spaces or places where they can go to relax for a minute or a few hours.

Maybe it's the chair in your home office, sitting on your deck with a glass of cabernet or taking a bath on a lazy Sunday but everyone should have that spot where they go to read, write or meditate.

After joining friends for an outside yoga class earlier this summer, I was introduced to a little beach spot in Rocky River that I no idea existed and have come to love all summer long.

Taken from my little iPhone
It is a small, quaint spot hidden behind a busy road and nestled in an amazingly gorgeous neighborhood that I would love to own a house in one day. I'm talking brick houses with perfectly manicured landscaping and some even with a phenomenal lake view to watch the sun set.

I spent many an afternoon there this summer for a few hours each time, reading a book or flipping through one of my many fashion magazines.

little stepping stones
Sometimes friends would join me at my weekend hang out spot and most times I was all alone, loving every minute of the quiet time, listening to the water while soaking in the sun.

With summer over, my little quiet space will slowly come to an end as the temperatures continue to drop in Cleveland but I truly treasured my time this summer at the beach.

taken after my yoga class and first time at the beach

Where is your quiet I-need-alone-time-to-think space? How do you step away from the iPhones, iPads and our 24/7 world?

the one where we took home sailors

The official (or so they say) end of summer has come and thankfully the storms of Isaac stayed far away from Cleveland, which made for not one but two beach days, comfortable cookouts and run-ins with the sailors who were in town all weekend.

Our Friday night started off innocently enough with a beach and pool day with friends to soak up the last of the rays of the afternoon. We then headed to a very crowded Bar Louie in Westlake in our beach attire to meet up with more friends and ended up running into two fine young sailors on their way to a tattoo convention at a nearby hotel. (I couldn't make this up.)

Lissa realizing her wet suit is making her white cover up a bit see-through

Nice young sailors from the south
After they kindly asked for us for a ride back downtown, my friend and I felt compelled to drive them back downtown as both of our grandfathers were in the Navy. (We couldn't say no because what if someone said no to our grandfathers, so we said yes to two complete 24-year-old sailor strangers and were their taxi for the night.) Instead of dropping them off at W. 6th area like they originally asked, we decided to show them a better bar scene at W. 25th, where they proceeded to get each and every drink purchased by thankful Clevelanders all evening long.

The rest of the weekend followed with more friend time, family time and beach time, only when I went out at night, I decided to wear more appropriate clothes out to the bar versus a bathing suit cover-up.

My cleveland snooki!; Jen and Carrie; better than Ed Hardy shirt, right?

best napkin ever; my family likes to drink; view of the party

Pondering Matt's answer; tweedle dee and tweedle dum; sibling rivalry

My beach views - the flexing speedo man and my September issues

With summer slowly coming to a close, the bigger question is  - who is ready for football season? Now, if you'll excuse me, I need to get working on my Browns attire for the first game this Sunday.

Where is that bedazzler when I need it?