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your September = planned

If this weekend is any indication of what weather is to come, I can tell you that summer in Cleveland isn't quite over just yet. I think we have a few more weekends of beach weather to soak up all the sun before the snowmageddons hit in December.

But you can come for me, Jon Snow! I'm stocked with new snow boots and two stylish new coats because I have a obsession for shopping thing for a structured blazer, coat or peacoat. (Yes, there is a difference.)

Detox events

Pose Cleveland Opens - Downtown Clevelanders are throwing both hands up with the opening of this hot yoga studio in the Bingham Building on W. 9th st. There will be drinks, appetizers and music by DJ MisterBradleyP with a FREE class.

When: Friday, September 18th, at 6 p.m. to 7 p.m.

Night Market Cleveland - I'm so happy that I will finally be able to make it to this event in Asia Town. There will be vendors galore with trinkets to buy and food and beverages to drink throughout the night.

When: Friday, September 25th, 5:00 p.m. to 11 p.m. at Rockwell and East 21st

Ohio City Street Festival - Love this neighborhood? Then don't miss this festival filled with food, brews and everything in between with two beer gardens from Great Lakes Brewing Company, Platform Beer Co and Market Garden Brewery. The WSM will be open (yep, that's right) as well as a dunking booth and Mitchell's Ice Cream eating contest. (Sidenote: You MUST try the vegan caramel ice cream. DELICIOUS.

When: Sunday, September 27th, 11:00 a.m. to 7 p.m.

Retox events

Rock the Core Cider Festival - Look, I have a wedding this day otherwise you would find me front and center sipping on some cider ALL DAY long.

When: Saturday, September 12, 1 p.m. to 9 p.m. at Voinovich Bicentennial Park

Hullabaloo Rooftop Soiree Preview Party - Valerie Mayen is at again with her designs and throwing her annual party to show them off in a great location in Battery Park. Purchase your $10 tickets here.

When: Thursday, September 17th, at 6:30 p.m. to 11 p.m. at the Shoreway Lofts

Cocktail Muse - This event is just barely in October so it's worth including so we don't forget to have plans the first weekend in October. Have you been to Uptown lately? You need to and see all the updates this little neighborhood has gone through in the last two years.

I say let's enjoy some 1960's inspired cocktails and get in touch with our inner Twiggy. You don't have to dress in 1960's attire but why the hell not?! (Did this era love sequins? I feel like they did...) Tickets are $30 each, which includes drink tickets along with complimentary food served and the option to sign up your friends for an hour of free bowling.

When: Friday, October 2, at The Corner Alley Uptown University Circle

introduction to urban farmer cle

As a downtown Cleveland resident of almost three years, it's utterly exciting when a new restaurant, coffee shop or store opens downtown because it gives me another option. Living on east 4th has amazing perks like fabulous cuisine from all parts of the world with only walking a few footsteps but I love venturing outside of my hood to the other downtown neighborhoods too.

On my runs around downtown, I spotted the Urban Farmer CLE sign going up weeks ago and geeked out because it's in one of my favorite chains of hotels but also has a patio. But wait for it - a patio to brunch on.

My friends and I meet in Ohio City, Tremont and Detroit Shoreway for weekend brunching but downtown isn't on our go to list of places. Yet.

The lovely people behind Urban Farmer CLE treated a group of local bloggers to an amazing spread of appetizers, signature drinks as well as a tasting menu of some fabulous dishes with wine pairings to introduce us to the new restaurant.

Having been to the restaurant only twice (once for a pre-dinner cocktail and appetizers and lunch), I was ready to see what the dinner menu was all about and the team behind the menu did not disappoint one bit.

Taking a photo of Alexa taking a photo

Half the group awaiting the next course

We all dined in a separate room that you can request for larger parties and it comes complete with amazing light fixtures layered in feathers as seen in the photo above. As someone who has never met a sparkly chandelier or piece of jewelry she didn't like, I could really get behind a feather "chandelier" in one of my future rooms.

All amazing delicious

Only one more meal left to try at Urban Farmer CLE and I'm sure brunch will be equally as amazing as lunch and dinner have been over the past month.

Disclosure: I was invited on behalf of the Urban Farmer CLE team and the evening was compensated. 

taking time to see the lights

Sometimes I can make a million excuses of not getting somewhere or seeing someone and lately it has boiled down to work. Work, work, work and more work.

Work has been dominating my life for the past two months in the best way possible. I have been challenged in every which way, slicing and dicing my time to be as efficient as possible, reinforcing my exhaustion with caffeine from my Pour Coffee and wearing bold lipstick to conquer each day like I imagine Beyonce does.

Simply put, I wouldn't have my lack of work/life balance any other way right now.

Last night, I took a little break to make it Edgewater LIVE, a happy hour I've tried to make every Thursday but was either out of town or had a prior commitment.  Since the Cleveland Metroparks took over Edgewater, the beach is completely clean and there are more events than ever and people fill up the beach up on Thursdays for live music, SUP lessons and dinner from the food trucks.

It was a beautiful 80 degree day that was begging me to go to the beach and get out of the coffee shop. So, that's what I did and enjoyed dinner from a food truck and kettle corn for dessert by the beach.

Best kind of happy hour

Over the past year, Mall B in downtown has completely transformed in this beautiful mini park in the middle of the city. I frequent this area on my runs and sprint up and down the incline on top of the convention center and will do a few box jumps on the cement benches. Play frisbee, bring a book to read or your beach towel - it's the perfect place to spend a Sunday afternoon if you want a beautiful place to relax right in the heart of the city.

Last night,  AHA! Festival of Lights officially turned on it's installation during PechaKucha Night event, where 10-12 speakers present rapid presentations (20 slides for 20 seconds each) about the arts, technology, or all about Cleveland in the case of many of the pechakuchas last night. I knew the first two presenters who talked about the Gay Games and Believe in CLE events that kicked off the night with powerful presentations.

Obscura Digital put on this mind-blowing "Transformations" show on the side of the Public Auditorium, which even made the kids who were running around on the light display sit the hell down and watch in awe of how the building was transformed into a living canvas. It was truly incredible to see it switch from scene to scene and my iPhone 5 doesn't even begin to do the show justice.

Light show on the Public Auditorium

The light installation everyone can't stop talking about

We all need a break from the daily grind and must force ourselves to find a way to decompress from the day. Even if it's just an hour or two for yourself, I find I'm more creative, energized and focused when I have an incredibly lengthy list of to dos.

Let's go Friday - I am winning today.

a sort of carnaval comes to The Shoreway

After living downtown Cleveland for 2.5 years, I am still excited to call the downtown my area home. Earlier this year, I actually looked at several different areas to move to in our popular neighborhoods over the bridges, but I decided against it for now and stayed in the downtown area, moving only one block west to the East 4th area. Because why not?!?

Virtual high five to myself because I love my new smaller and friendly little apartment building.

Upon making my decision, it was really hard to pass up The Shoreway and not patiently wait a few extra months and move farther west to the detroit shoreway neighborhood of Battery Park where you could see the apartments under construction.

You can't miss the building from the shoreway and I instagrammed a photo months ago when I saw the sign go up. New apartments available, yes please!

While I'm sticking in my downtown digs for the next year, the developers partnered with Valerie Mayen to host a one-of-a-kind fashion show and peek inside the 45 luxury apartments at The Shoreway.

Need plans June 7? Look no further and enter my giveaway below to win a pair of tickets to attend the event.

What: Carnaval Event featuring a full bar, fashion show and unreal views of the city
When: Saturday, June 7, at 7 p.m. - 2 a.m.
Where: The Shoreway

To enter to win, please comment on your favorite summer activity on this post with your twitter handle or email OR tweet the following by Friday, May 16:

Tweet to enter: "Pick me to win a pair of tickets to Carnaval on June 7 at The Shoreway, @allisonpeltz!"

Contest ends on Friday, May 16 at midnight and random winners will be announced on Monday, May 19.

Because I only have one pair of tickets to giveaway, you can get yours here but hurry - only standing room tickets left!!!!

Disclaimer: The kind people at The Shoreway provided me with a pair of tickets to host this giveaway for you fine people.  Enter at your own risk!

one block and a new zipcode

Moving is one of those things that I have managed to do every year for the past three years with the help of very reliable friends and one very amazing brother who still always replies with a "of course I'll move you," when I bring up the topic. I think it really helps my cause that I'm the older sister in this situation.

I was really looking forward to this move. Actually I was all jazzed up about it. I managed to maintain the same city lifestyle by only moving one block and saving a decent chunk of money each month, shrinking my space by 130 square feet and sans patio. What a great adult move I was about to make!

New neighborhood view
I was stoked. I couldn't sign the lease quick enough and started planning my future travel budget and mapping out which cities I wanted to knock off my list with savings.

Then came the moving day. Ask my friends - I was so positive about it and brushing off the notion that moving is stressful, annoying and time consuming. "Oh it will be easy", I'd tell them. "I'm just moving a block" and "I'm basically an expert by now."

Here is how my moving went in hashtags.

9 a.m. - #pickedupthetruck #movingstartsnow #yay

11 a.m. - #firsttruckloadedup #valetislettingusparkthetruck #notthatbad

11:15 a.m. - #mybrotherisgoingtokillmebecausethiselevatorisntverybig #waituntiltheyfindouttherearetwodoors toopenupbeforewegettomyapartment

12 p.m. - #ohmygodmysecuritydepositisshot #rustwaterdrippedoncarpetfrompatiofurniture #sopissed

12:45 p.m. #secondtruckloadallloadedup #crossfitispayingoff #theboysareimpressed

1 p.m. - #theboysarerushingtowatchmarchmadness #theycantbeserious

2:15 p.m. - #boysstopeverythingtosetupTV #theymustlistentogameswhenmoving #aretheyserious?!?

2:30 p.m. - #truckreturned #isthisoveryet? #shitIhavetocleanmyoldapartment

4 p.m. - #stillmadabouttherustwatercarpetstain #stupidpatio

4:45 p.m - #lastcarloaddone #getmedinner #nevermovingagain #worstideaever

Not a bad new view

Here's to staying in my new place for at least one year. Maybe two this time in the same apartment even. Novel idea, maybe I'll even try it out for once. 

the one where I take off my shoes

I knew these shoes were trouble when I purchased them at the last minute for the Jump Back Ball.

death to those strappy black shoes for a steal of $20
On Friday evening, it became very apparent that no matter how much I begged and pleaded with UPS to release my gold and black sparkly Nicole Miller Rent the Runway dress, they were going to hold it hostage and miss my delivery date for the event. I may or may have not held a small pity party for myself but quickly realized I had a beautiful David Meister back up dress and just needed a pair of heels to pull off my new look.

Little padding and a high heel = shoe-i-cide.

I found out just how truly uncomfortable the shoes were at hour four of wearing them and did the unthinkable inside the beautifully historic State Theater. I carefully peeled my shoes from my aching feet revealing two thick indents over my toes where the straps were and went barefoot for the rest of the night.

Yes, gasp all you want (I still am at myself) but oh how amazing my feet felt when they could breathe and function again. Also, for those ladies who are shaking their heads in disapproval of me, I even reinforced these shoes with gel inserts but without a platform toe, I was doomed from the start.

Still shaking my head at myself for this!

Aside from being THAT girl who was barefoot with friends dancing in front of the speakers to a remix of Baby One More Time, take a look through my iPhone's photos to see what my friends and I were up to for other portions of the 23rd annual Jump Back Ball: Shaken not Stirred.

Donna, Kelly, Lisa and Shibani; Carrie and Donna dancing with the band; vodka galore
Everyone wanted to rock the Pharrell's hat we brought, even the singer from Your Villian My Hero

Tara, Carrie, Donna and me; cocktails all around; Donna with the best prop of the night

Another February, another Jump Back Ball down for the books. If you missed out this year, keep your eyes peeled for the ticket kick off party next November because it may just sell out faster than 10 days for next year's event.

Disclaimer: As part of my partnership with PlayHouse Square for Jump Back Ball, I was contracted to write about the event how I see fit. Hat not included. Hair provided by Laine at Charles Scott Salon and Spa in Westlake - I absolutely loved the curly wrapped wave thing I had going on.

coffee, art and films

Besides the beach, where I'm known to spend a considerable amount of my time in the summer, coffee shops, libraries and museums are a few of my other favorite spots where I love to spend a lazy afternoon any time of the year. Grab a book, a journal,  a coffee and you can literally get lost for a few hours.

As a kid, my grandma would take me to a local coffee shop where she would get an adult caffeinated option and I would choose a flavored hot chocolate, which was either amaretto or my favorite to this day, hazelnut. I vividly remember sitting at a window seat and being told over and over to "stop staring at the barista" who had a bright purple pixie cut. The chick had purple hair and to an eight-year-old, I was fascinated that one could dye their hair that color, seeing as purple was my favorite color at the time.

One of those coffee shops I frequent is Pour Cleveland on Euclid. It's part of the new 5th Street Arcades and located just around the corner from East 4th. My coffee of choice is a 6 oz espresso with almond milk and mocha. This is not Starbucks ladies and gentlemen - it is a flavorful, rich blend of espresso with hints of chocolate then you choose your additions or don't, depending on how you take your cup of coffee. (There is a whole detailed process that I watch barista (and owner) Charlie do when I'm there, but I can't articulate what he is actually doing other than making me a sinfully delicious beverage.)

Brewnuts, coffee, coffee and more coffee

I always intend to visit the Cleveland Museum of Art more often than I do, especially in the winter because there is something about wandering through the galleries while it's snowing that makes me feel artistic. Seriously, yes it sometimes can. With the addition of the Provenance Cafe, you can move your Sunday brunch ritual to the museum and browse a new gallery or get lost playing with Gallery One. It's this amazing exploration at your fingertips that keeps you wanting to stay longer and learn more with with connection wall.

Friends; croque madame, more croissants and coffee and mimosas galore

While at a bloggers brunch with friends, we were treated to brunch as well as one of the 90 films the museum shows throughout the year. Full disclosure - I had no idea the Art Museum showed movies throughout the year and it's one of the oldest museum film programs in the US. Just a little knowledge bomb for you there.

My friends and I saw Mademoiselle C - a film chronicling the French fashionista Carine Roitfeld making her first fashion magazine of her own.

It was a lovely afternoon indeed.

Disclosure: I was invited to attend the bloggers brunch with a movie in exchange for nothing, however, when you like something, you must tell all your friends about the experience.

rich kids comes to Cleveland

It's not secret the much of the country is being locked indoors for the next two days because of the polar vortex. Or as I like to call it "the most ridiculously cold way to kick off 2014." No one will forget how it began now will they?

Before this very frigid storm blew into town, the lovely people of Rich Kids of Beverly Hills decided to do some promotion in my lovely city. Scroll through your Instagram page and you really never know what you will find. Apparently I was somehow following the new TV show and saw they were in wintery Cleveland and were posting about a scavenger hunt of designer gifts strategically placed at different city landmarks.

Seeing as I'm about 10 minutes walking from most landmarks, I saw one of the Fountain of Eternal Youth down by Marriott at Key Center, threw on my warmest coat and marched down a few blocks through slush and snow to hopefully get my hands on a new watch. What did I have to lose right?

Hello new Burberry watch.

Ta dah! Success! After a brisk walk, I met the rich kids reps and was gifted this beautiful Burberry men's watch because I was the first person to arrive to the location. I was so excited to win something - you have NO idea. Me? A random winner? Say it isn't so!

Imitating the fountain

And who says being glued to your phone doesn't have its perks every now and then?

adventures in allison's weekend

I absolutely love my Sunday night routine. I actually just love the night part where I'm all alone after running around all day, relaxing with a cup of tea and toast, watching Mob Wives and taking note of how NOT to act in public with a group of ladies and can finally blog about my weekend antics.


Dinner with friends at XYZ Tavern where we waited almost an hour but it was well worth the wait, as always.

hello 16 oz of fun to kick off fun Friday
We headed over to Market Garden Brewery to celebrate Laura's fabulous birthday. (You know how much I love a birthday party, people, I take them seriously!) And, let's just say it was the place to be on what I thought would be your average low-key Friday night out where I ran into some blasts from the pasts from college. Oh, how I loved my days at Kent State......

Birthday girl, Laura, her BF Mike and yours truly

3 kick ass sidekicks for the night

My friends and I headed east to attend a reverse raffle for a friend's cousin where we all entered a million raffles and danced the night away in his honor complete with an incredibly off-key serenade to Whitney's "I Will Always Love You."

Phillip Devito Foundation
my friends were major winners, me not so much but there was an Aveda basket calling my name!

college friends Erin and Katie; post picture we sang our hearts out to Whitney

Let's not forget that the 21st annual Jump Back Ball is coming Saturday night at PlayHouseSquare and over the past two weeks, I've legitimately ordered 12 dresses from Zappos, Nordstrom, and Dillard's. That's fashion dedication!

CLEshopaholic and Alexa came over to throw our own runway show complete with shoes and jewelry while letting our very own Tim Gunn aka CLEshopaholic critique our choices. I needed honest opinions because I was swimming in a sea of glitter, sequins and one-shoulder dresses.

"I can tell you that at least a dozen girls would have tried that dress on and could be wearing it."

"No, it's TOO safe. Next!"

"Where did you get that? That looks like something you could buy at Forever21."

"No, next, it's been done before."

"I like it, don't love it, but very predictable. We don't do predictable."

Good news - we both settled on dresses with the help of our very honest and fashionable judge and have a little work to do before Saturday to complete our looks.

Next, I headed over to the Rock Hall because it only took me seven months to finally take myself over to the Women Who Rock exhibit. Oh, I heart all pop stars from the 80s and beyond and I completely got lost for an hour and half looking at Lady Gaga's Grammy costume, Britney's 2000 VMA sequin outfit and Cher's Bob Mackie creations.

If you have seen it, you will agree that those ladies are tinnnnnnnnyyyyyy. My god, they are all zeros or smaller with the exception of Donna Summer who has some cleavage based on the dress on display.

open until 2/26 and well worth it

I closed out this weekend with a takeout dinner with my family with entertaining and memorable conversation where they needed instant updates on my life - what I was doing this, what am I wearing to Saturday's event, how did I blow my tire out last weekend, what is going on with your dating life, etc. Apparently, I haven't been filling them in as much as I though I had.

Oh how I love this pizza.

Happy Monday, everyone! Let's get dieting in preparation for this weekend's events.

the one where I don't have a clever title that includes Madonna, juke boxes and bar hopping

Who didn't love that halftime show!

I don't care that she lipsynched.

I don't care that she almost fell on those bleachers. (She was in heels for god's sake!)

I don't care that she is bringing back pom poms. (I can wear a fingerless glove or two but I straight up draw the line at pom poms.)

Visually, I thought it was stunning for viewers.

Pom power!

I sat with my friend, Erin, glued to the TV and dancing on the bed and singing at the top of lungs, texting with CLEshopaholic as we are already planning to attend her unannounced concert tour this year.

Between Lady Gaga, her and Britney, I'm a fan for life of Madonna's. I can remember my aunt giving me her "True Blue" tape all those years ago and my mom bringing me home the only "appropriate" poster from her Blonde Ambition Tour to tape up on my bedroom door.

My friends and family know my love for all things Madonna and made sure to text me during and after the performance -

From my friend, Ryan, who hearts pop music but denies it- "decent."

From my brother - "So yeah there was no continuity with the songs. it just kinda stopped and started."

From my friend,  Jessica - "MADONNA WAS AMAZING."

From my friend, Katelyn -  "Please don't tell me you liked that halftime show."

From my cousin, Bryan  -"Wow, Madonna is more geriatric than I thought. She can't even move her hips and is just walking around!"

From my mom - "I loved the halftime show. I had predicted 2 of the 4 songs she sang. She snuck in open your heart."
(Side note: How cute is my mom with her texts! She knows her Madonna too!)

So, what did I do this weekend beside spends the evening with friends and this cute little baby?

Little BKE

I joined a friend at the Cleveland Aquarium for a networking event on behalf Hahn Loeser & Parks where I ran into a fellow Twitter friend and a few fellow Kent Staters too. Hi @Billablesean!  The group had the whole place to ourselves to take our time to walk through the exhibit at our leisure. P.S. Apparently you will be able to swim with sharks soon.

lobsters, Nemo and stingrays

Such a cute captain and my dress totally matched indirectly with the setting

Friday was a  mix of lots of work and a little play, where I joined my coworkers for the last few minutes of glass blowing on w. 25th and then had a few drinks and snacks at Market Garden.

Bet you've never had a conference call in the bathroom? Yep, that's right, this girl did because my phone had AMAZING service in there but not outside, in say.....the rest of the place.

Nic making an octopus

instagram makes all food photos look better

Saturday night was pretty hilarious in its entirety because it started off with a classy belated birthday dinner for Lisa at Parallax and ended with a dare game with complete strangers in ABC Tavern, which included galloping like horses and convincing someone to do the worm.

In between a delicious and equally entertaining dinner conversation and our late night trip to ABC, the group held an impromptu dance party in Hotz Cafe. I've never been to Hotz but leave it to that Alexa to direct us to an awesome little dive bar with a kick ass jukebox. You want Blink 182? Check. M83? Duh. Rihanna? You better believe it.

dancing till the world ends
Now, if you'll excuse me, I'll be navigating through a week completely scheduled out with something every single night (and definitely blogworthy content let me tell you) and counting down the days until I will be falling on my ass in the snow skiing and hot tubbing with a group of of 20 friends and friends of friends for the whole weekend. Maybe a few of them are even cute and single....

Here's to hoping I come back in one piece with no broken bones!

party rock

Dear Allison of four months ago -

While you are debating on moving downtown or staying in your comfort zone on the east side, your future self is loving her downtown life and is thanking you on a daily basis for taking the leap.

You will make excuses that it's too much money.

It doesn't make sense.

Maybe you should buy a condo somewhere instead of renting.

But ultimately you take a chance. You have more parties to attend, happy hours to hit up and bars to go to then you know what to do with.

Jenn's birthday dinner at Crop on Friday

Shibani, Jen and the birthday girl in green and 28!

Your downtown friends are super cool and since you only hang out them once in awhile based on your current zipcode, you will hang out with them all the time and love and appreciate them more than you know. A bunch of cool kids indeed....

Damn Alexa for introducing me this amazing beer to replace my Lambic addiction
While you have to drive farther to work, your car will stay put in the garage most of the weekend, which causes you confusion when trying to find said car on Monday mornings because you often forget what floor you parked on.

Saturday night fun

So when you do make the move, live it up like you are 25, drink too many vodka sodas, stay out to make it to after hours and dance the whole night away because you deserve it. After all, it's about time you relax, soak in your success and how much you love the present.

Your future self

the new place

It's almost been two months since I've been in my new digs.

Two flipping months!

The time has flown by because it's somehow almost Christmas and I can remember thinking that was so far away from the time I moved in here.

When I moved in, I literally had to purchase EVERYTHING except for some bedroom furniture because I left the furniture in the house. The idea of a new place with new things was incredibly appealing so the move was pretty light on my part.

I was able to purchase whatever the hell I wanted.

What I liked and what I wanted. Brilliant concept! It was such an exhilarating feeling after being part of a couple for so long with agreeing or disagreeing and trying to combine our tastes. No need for that.

My lovely mother helped me along with my friend, Danielle, who has impeccable taste in all things, including decorating my abode. I don't know exactly what you would call my style (I do love shabby chic as my Pinterest page shows) but it typically involves sparkly things - notice the lamps, the beaded pillows and some of the picture frames. While my decorating isn't complete just yet, the apartment definitely feels more comfortable and completely me with as many sparkles as I want! You know what I mean?

Couch from Macy's complete with sparkle pillows from Pier 1

Obsessed with the lamps from JC Penney of all places and the cabinet from Kaplan's

Off white chairs marked down to $300 from $1,000 from Kaplan's - STEAL

favorite gold chest from Kaplan's too
The place is coming together slowly but surely and there are still several items to purchase like a leaning bookshelf, some wall art, a new bed and some furniture for the bedroom. BUT with Christmas coming up, I will be taking a little shopping break until January for now.

Where else should I look for furniture, wall art and other decor? Send your favorite places or pieces my way. I will have some post-holiday shopping to do!

name that meow

I think I've officially been living downtown a month and definitely don't have a shortage of places to go or people to hang out with on any given night. Plus, with the holidays coming up, I somehow have almost every weekend booked leading up to Christmas and New Years, which isn't a bad thing when you are a single girl living in the city.

On Friday, my friends surprised our beautiful and pregnant friend, Erin, on her 30th birthday. Leading up to this day, she was unsure what she wanted to do, "I'm soooo pregnant" she'd tell me over and over and over. I had to remind her that she wasn't the first person to be pregnant on their birthday.

Her husband decided to throw an "Impromptu Birthday Party" so a group of us were ready and waiting when they came from dinner. I thought we nearly sent her into labor when we all screamed at the top of our lungs surprise! Saturday a group of girls got together and joined Erin at Santo spa in Pepper Pike for some pampering and relaxation.

Erin cutting her rainbow cake

Celebrating 30 is Ah-mazing

These toes are ready for Punta Cana

Post spa day, three of us went and relived our teenage years watching Breaking Dawn Part 1, where I proceeded to fall in love all over with Edward Cullen. Holy hotness! I really could have sat there to watch another two hours if they would've made the movie into just one part versus two. That night, I met with up with Alexa, Sean, Suzanne and a bunch of other peeps at Market and then Tina's Nite Club - two weeks in a row!

Did I slow down on Sunday? Hell to the no. I met up with the usual suspects -  Lisa, Sean and Alexa-  to brunch it up at XYZ tavern prior to Sean's first browns game. Add mimosas and it turned into quite the laughing, table slapping session, which continued at the game where I taught them the fun game of "name that meow." You meow a song and everyone has to guess what it is. Yes, it's a fun game invented by my coworkers. (Yeah Kelly and Nic!) Initially, you think, "Is she f'ing serious with this?" because that's what I said to Kelly and Nic. Yes, why yes, I am. Try it. It's addicting and equally hilarious and if you are at the Browns game while meowing, just expect the guys in front of you to get weirded out. It's cool. A little meowing never hurt anyone.

1st game for Sean, good luck charm right there

Go Browns!

Now, onto a three-day work week followed by my favorite holiday and then vacation for a week of pure bliss. Ahh....get us on that flight already.