the start of summer

Ahhh, Memorial Day.

The unofficial start of summer.

As Clevelanders, our Memorial Day weekends can be a mix of several weather elements - rain, cloudy, 50 degrees or 80+ degrees, as we all got to experience this weekend. After the insanely  long winter filled with polar vortex after polar vortex, I was ridiculously happy to soak in all the sun rays and be outside from afternoon to night without a jacket on.

Even though I was happy, I still complained I was sweating on Press's patio with friends on Saturday and we cursed our local weather anchors because they lied! Sixty-five degrees, no way! I have the sunburnt shoulders and chest to prove it.

Memorial Day weekend Tremont bar crawl

There's always one who loves a duck face.

The weather continued to work in our favor with a breezy 80+ degrees through the holiday. Even though, we were still complaining that we were sweating while laying at Whiskey Island, I came up with a list of summer activities to check off my list.

Friends, my brother stretching and not a cloud in the sky

Well, maybe not a long list of activities but still, I already have 6 weeks planned so squeezing these in  should be no problem. I hope......
  • Put-in-Bay trip
  • Rent a boat and jet skis for the afternoon
  • Spend the afternoon at East Harbor Beach reading amazingly awful beach reads
  • Friday night Indians game
  • Scheduling a date for my Real Housewives Book Club with friends

Better hydrate - it's going to be a busy summer!


Heather said...

What is this Real Housewives Book Club you speak of???!!

alexa @clevelandsaplum said...

I'm with Heather... I'm down for anything real housewives related.

I'm sad we didn't get to connect this weekend.

Also, I'm really thinking of cutting my hair off even a little shorter than yours! Do you love it?

Angel Reyes said...

It really was a nice weekend. Hopefully we won't pay for it this week with too many thunderstorms.

Katelin said...

your hair looks so cute & wavy, i love it. and hurray for long weekends, i'm so ready for summer.

Jessica (Anchored in CLE // Jessica Gets Fit) said...

This looks like an amazing weekend! I'm so ready for all the summer fun to continue :)