start investing

As someone who can maybe be labeled as an "impulse buyer" as I walk through Target or Sephora, I would assume that many people have my problem with the shiny end caps at the end of every aisle. The end caps always suck me in with their sale on candles or travel-sized body lotions - who can resist?!?

Over the years of wasting money on ridiculous items, I compiled a few things to stop wasting your money on and start investing today. That is, if you can resist the temptation while at the store....

Sports Bras - It's important. Oh my god is it important! As an avid runner, crossfitter and yoga devotee, invest now in a few that will last you a few years versus the non-supportive ones that will slowly unravel with each wash. And keep an eye on We Made Too Much to score a few of my favorite Lululemon ones on a major discount.

Drugstore hair color - Save yourself money and just don't get hooked on this. It's not a quick fix - a $8.99 bottle will turn into one hell of a mess that you will spend over $150 fixing if you grab the wrong color. Instead of using this every month, try finding an Aveda salon where students will cut and style your hair for half the cost, highlight under the first few layers so it grows out more evenly or try a version of ombre.

Shoes - I'm talking the crappy high heels that are such a steal for $29 until you lose circulation in your feet after 6 hours of wear and the next morning you find your feet with indents, reminding yourself to never again buy them because you will never be able to put them back on your feet. You might as well have thrown $29 out the window.

Cheap skin lotions - The watery face ones may be the worst offenders. Or maybe even the said watery ones that you use for a few days until your normal face lotion arrives in the mail or you can get to the store, but before then, you break out like a 7th grader again because your skin is rejecting the watery lotion. Over the past few years, I've narrowed down these bad purchases and stick with Kiehl's for my every day face lotion. It works, it moisturizes and leaves me break-out free.

Bottled water - Let's all agree to just spend money on a water bottle, throw some sliced lemons in it and call it a day. I even like to keep a pack of Nuun with me if I need to pump up my H20 intake.

The sticky and gooey lipgloss - It could be clear or a sheer shade of bright pink that you think will be the perfect-I-don't-care-if-I-lose-it kind until you put it on, walk outside and a light breeze blows your hair right into lips and it sticks permanently. Then, you have to carefully pull it off, wipe it off of the strands so that lip gloss caked strands doesn't get on the other hair. It's a process people! So stick with a Chapstick or throwback to your younger years with your favorite Lip Smacker or the amazing Rosebud Salve. Or, my other fail proof is lipstick - lasts longer with a lip liner and your hair will not get all caught up in it.

things not to waste your money on