RIP Forever 21

I am a short time away from turning 31.

Approximately three short days.

Thirty one. Three and a 1. 3-1.

I don't know exactly what bothers me about that number but I'm not a fan of it all just yet.

I have time, you see, because I technically still have three days.

I loved turning 30. I looked forward to it. I embraced it. I had a week of celebrations leading up to it and I couldn't wait until my joint birthday celebration with a friend who was turning 31. She didn't seem to care she was turning the odd number at all. But it's a different story with me.

There is just something that feels off with the odd number. It's like that annoying wake-up call that says a Gretchen Weiners voice, "Ummm congrats, you really officially out of your 20s and officially in a whole new world of digits."

Since the allure of turning 30 has officially passed me with this birthday, I suppose there are many things that I can't get away with anymore and this particular one is a hard thing to break up with.

I guess it's about time I broke up with Forever21.

We have had quite the long run together where I would search through racks to find a normal human size that would fit something other than simply my left leg for only $21.50. Or buy a steal of a necklace that ONLY cost me $10.80 but then a crystal accidentally fell out after the first wear and no matter how many times I twisted it around my neck to hide the missing jewel, the missing one still stuck out like a light bulb.

So goodbye Forever21, I will trade you in for the massive sales I score on Piperlime, swap in Asos to replace you and add in a pinch of Accessory Concierge.

Hello 31 - You don't look marvelous but should look marvelous and turning you this weekend in the Windy City is the perfect weekend getaway with the best travel companions a girl could want.


Heather said...

Oh, how I'd love to be turning 31 again............ :)
It'll be great! Another year sparkles, bubbly, good friends, and lots of sweat!

Blog - The New Black said...

Happy birthday! I'm sad to hear about Forever 21 I'm not ready to break up with them just yet - but your logic is REAL.

Katelin said...

aw hurray your birthday! and yeah i'm with you on breaking up with Forever 21, i'd like to think H&M is still okay though, ha.

Amanda Hicken said...

As I approached my 31st birthday back in August, I went through the same feelings. A few days after, though, I had settled in and forgotten about it. Chicago will be a lovely way to celebrate. Happy almost birthday and have fun!

Fizzgig said...

so...forever 21 means you have to be 21 to shop there? thank's for squashing my you are only as old as you feel, and you will know when you reach the inappropriate age for dressing a certain way, and 31 is NOT it sister!!!