31 with a side mucinex, advil and nasal sprays

For most of the winter, I've been lucky enough to avoid the flu - you know that little cold that knocks people out for a week at a time. No one freak out right this second but I'm also the same person who doesn't routinely go get her yearly physical or flu shot. Yes, we do exist.

However, I wasn't savvy enough to evade one hell of a sinus virus over my birthday weekend. Upon picking up my dear friend on Friday morning for our Chicago road trip, the sniffles already started so I packed a box of Kleenex and my friend brought allergy medicine and honey and lemon cough drops to get me through the weekend.

Or so we thought....
New wrap bracelet and tshirt - no filter could help this natural skin color

Our over-the-counter concoction of pills simply wasn't enough to combat whatever the hell virus had crept itself into my sinuses, throat and ears. Instead of bumming around Chicago to Core Power yoga for a yoga fusion class then Eataly for a long and lengthy lunch, my friends and I opted for Thai takeout and happily binge watched the entire season three of Game of Thrones because I couldn't pry myself from the couch until dinner time.

hot and sour soup; pad thai and spicy basil race PLUS the best girlfriends = priceless
We cut back our pre and post dinner drinks for a two-hour dinner at a French restaurant called Maudes liquor bar. I wish I just could have truly tasted more of the oysters, old fashioneds, shaved salads, foie gras, steak tartare and roast chicken because that point my taste buds were all but disappearing right in front of my eyes.

Even though I've only been a year older and wiser for four days, I have learned (and was reminded) of a few things in those short days:

1) Ice cream, saltine crackers and ginger ale may not be a part of many food groups but sometimes it's all a person can tolerate while sick.

2) Air humidifers may be the secret my mom was keeping from me all these years. Why on earth haven't I been sleeping with one of these every night each winter is beyond me?! No more of that.

3) Good friends will do whatever it takes for you. No matter if you drove 5 hours to end up sitting in a condo watching the snow fall, exposed to one heavily infected friend who couldn't stop blowing her nose and watching TV for 10 hours. It's those kinds of friends you want around at the good, bad and all boring times inbetween.


Katie S said...

Happy birthday! Being sick is so lame, but it sounds like you had a blast anyway. XO to great friends!

Heather said...

Good friends make life worthwhile.
Happy 31!

alexa @clevelandsaplum said...

good friends are the best.

i'm sure they'll do a re-do 31st birthday with you at anytime.

side note, this post reminded me of just how much fun i had at your 30th birthday party - dance party!


Beth @ CraveableCleveland said...

Happy Birthday! I'm off to Chicago next weekend so this post makes me excited. Most important thing is spending time with friends, so I'm glad you found a way to make it happen :).