the ultimate Sunday Fundays are really in fall

One of exciting thing to look forward to when I returned home to Cleveland was knowing that my most favorite season of the year would be in full swing. While I loved soaking up the last bits of summer on the beach in France and Spain, I was secretly longing to be in layers with scarves, sweaters and my Hunter boots at football games. (I know, call me crazy, right?!?)

Seeing as I missed the home opener, I knew my first Breakfast of Champions party needed to have an extra kick to it so throw in two friends who were having 30th birthdays and a mom who was more excited to be downtown than all your friends combined, and you instantly more fun reason to get up at 8 am on a Sunday to prep for the party.

Sam Adams getting in on the action; ladies sitting pretty; mel and me in matching shirts; Amherst families unite w/ birthday boy #1

patio holds at least 23 people; erin being fabulous; birthday boy #2 turning 30
Because of the beautiful 75 degree weather and intense games of beer pong, most of my party didn't make it to tailgating but we did make it in time to our seats to see kick off and the Browns pull out another win for the second week in a row.

But while observing my friends on Sunday, I think I've cooked up another few party ideas for the fall, knowing that I can fit about 25 people sitting or standing outside. Sure - I should have likely thrown more parties over the summer but I wanted to be anywhere but in my apartment - I wanted to be on the beach, playing volleyball or sitting on someone else's patio.

Apartment clambake anyone? This could be a winner!


Kristin said...

I'll take an invite to the next party :) miss you!!

Fizzgig said...

you've got an awesome set up for a party!!

Alana said...

fact. sundays are so fun in the fall! is it wrong that i'm already clambaked out? i blame dean.