back to the summer basics

Try as I might, I somehow have ended up with my weekends already planned for half of the summer. I'm looking at my calendar now and noticing that every remaining weekend in June is booked (and some of July) with weddings and local events. Granted, I can't wait to attend everything I have scheduled but sometimes I feel accidentally over planed each weekend.

I find myself saying no to invites from friends on Sundays more often now because it's a day to get back to the basics. And for me, back to the basics was saying an excited "yes!" to joining a summer volleyball league on the fabulous team properly named "No Sets in the Sand-pagne Room" and my weekly beach visits. I want my Sundays to be wide open with the exception of my volleyball games.

I haven't played on a summer volleyball in years.

Like 6 years at least.

And it was my favorite thing to do through high school and even at college at Kent. How the hell have I missed out for so long?

the view of the courts at Whiskey Island

view from Whiskey Island

It's about getting back to the basics this summer and the volleyball team was the first step. Lazy afternoons at the beach, maybe staying in my bathing suit all day until volleyball, spraying endless amounts of 30 SPF and NOT missing any spots on my back, staying after my team wins and enjoying the beautiful sunsets that I have missed during the cold winter months.

What does you back-to-basic summer routine look like?


Alana said...

i love summer volleyball! i've played at whiskey the past 4 years - enjoy!!! i'm sure ill see you down there for sunday funday ;)