the one and only jules of the sea

A long time ago (some six years ago when I first started this blog), my mom was pretty interested in the idea, and of course, encouraged me to start one because it sounded cool to her.

When she understood what I was planning, she excitedly asked if she could be a guest writer and I obviously said NOOOOOOOO so she decided that she would start her own, "Jules of the Sea." She said her clever blog name in front of my friends, which made us laugh incredibly hard, and we often refer to her just as "Jules" now and sometimes by the full amazing name "Jules of the Sea" for added effect. (If my mom only understood how funny she was at sometimes.)

Check out the chain necklace on Jules - I have one just like it today.

Mom, sometimes your wisdom and advice knows no bounds and here a just a few highlights of what I'm continually grateful for -

  • Your distaste in anything "diet" growing up because I still dislike any diet pop.

  • Letting me express myself in my catholic school uniform by wearing brooches, that nice black opal ring I lost of yours at the water fountain and too big of earrings, which were often commented on by the principal as "what not to wear." (What did she know anyway?)

  • Letting me experiment with hair color (and my brother's in high school) and lying to me when I chunked my dark brown hair with bright blonde highlights like the Spice Girls. (It never looked good, but thanks for paying for it!)

  • Celebrating my birthday every year like it was the first one with not one but two cakes for my friend and family parties. (This totally explains my obsession with celebrating my own and everyone else's birthday like it's going out of style.)

  • Allowing me to start a pen pal as a third grader because it started my love of writing and was the first inkling of my future blogging life. (Yep, that's right!)

  • Appreciating the small things like an impressively beautiful moon - I know more about a harvest, full pink and full flower moons than I ever thought I would.

Just our secret, mom......

Happy Mother's Day!


JAMinCLE said...

What an awesome (and funny) tribute to your mom.. Love it! My Catholic school girl uniform rebellion was wearing ankle socks--evidently, Jesus doesn't like exposed ankles...

Katelin said...

aw this is sweet, love it.

Fizzgig said...

your mom having a blog is pretty awesome. I tell my mom all the time she should with her hilarity, but she can't commit to such things. she's far too busy being retired!

I love that you had a pen pal. none of my friends ever did. I found mine in the back of a tiger beat magazine! she was from another country that I can't even remember because I'm really a lot older now!