dancing the night away at Playhouse Square

It's been over 24 hours and my feet are still throbbing a little from all the dancing from Saturday night. Between Jump Back Ball and old school hip hop at Touch, my hips, J.Lo and feet need a break from high heels (and you know how hard this is for me) and a massage. Desperately. Like this week.

Saturday's annual Jump Back Ball marked my third time in attendance with each time getting a little bit better with choosing better dress choices, the committee selecting awesome bands and even my choice in drink. (I have finally learned to stick to just one drink for the entire night.)

It takes a village to get ready people; with Danielle, hair and makeup extraordinaire at Headquarters Salon

JBB party time with Christina; sequins and feathers on me; no event can happen w/out the sponsors

There are a few reasons why I love attending the Jump Back Ball but one of them is because it's a festive winter event to get everyone out of the house and out on town all dressed up. It's a small reminder that when Jump Back ends, spring is literally (hopefully) right around the corner in a few weeks. Or we can at least hope and pray and do sun dances to get warmer temperatures by April!

A little self lighting; party in the bathroom; Velvet Shake rocking out; first timers to JBB

Carrie in cobalt blue; spin the wheel at your leisure; my favorite board game brought to life

the one and only group photo demanded by Carrie

From the food to the ice sculptures to the props, the committee behind JBB can take a breather because it was truly another perfectly pulled off event. Having volunteered before for shop nights where the decorations and props are brainstormed and constructed, the people behind this event work day in and day out up to Saturday to make this happen so seamlessly so props to all of you for volunteering your time each year.

So. Is it Spring yet?


OBM.cle said...

Your hair & makeup were so pretty. I'm definitely going to check out your salon for a couple of events I have this summer.

Christina K said...

Fun night! Happy to make a collage! :)

Fizzgig said...

dancing in heels should be a competitive sport, cus it aint easy!! great pics!

Katelin said...

this seriously looks like to much fun, love it. and your hair and makeup are divine!

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