Party kind of weekend

The craziness of the fall season is in full swing. I can't tell you much I was looking forward to this weekend because all of celebrations happening from a surprise birthday/engagement party to karaoke with Alexa at Noodlecat to a Madonna dance party to an impromptu Sunday Funday while we enjoyed a beautiful 70 degree day in Cleveland. (Non-Clevelanders - this doesn't happen that often, so yes we were out in flip flops and sitting out on patios.)

Happy engagement and birthday, my dear friend!

Surprise to Katie!

Alexa holding the karaoke fort down at Noodlecat

Creepy glasses photo during karaoke - Ahmed wins!

How was the Madonna show?  Amazing. Fabulous. Of course I loved every second of the show just like I did when I saw her a few years back at the Reinvention Tour in Chicago, but I'm not sure the rest of the crowd enjoyed it based on the fact that it wasn't that crazy-I-can't-hear-myself-think kind of loud. Yes, it was loud at times (especially during her old school rendition of Like A Prayer) but as I looked around me, it wasn't the crazy kind of energy you would see at a Gaga concert. Just saying, Madge......

Dinner at Chinato before Madge's show - glitter all around

Just a sampling of the costumes at the show

Starting off Sunday with mimosas and bourbon

As Lisa said, "I'm so glad I pulled these from the lost and found from Old Angle."


Fizzgig said...

you saw way more costumes than me! I saw a few here and there, but nothing pic worthy! best concert ever! I'll never ever ever forget it!

Heather said...

You guys went hard this weekend. I was impressed with all the Sunday check ins!!

lzone said...

There is a LOT of sequins in our Chinato pic! :)