no sleep till brooklyn

For my Thanksgiving break, I spent it like most of you did by meeting up with friends who were out of town, catching up with family over an amazingly delicious Thanksgiving dinner and enjoying every minute of my time off from the daily grind of work and being present with everyone I spent time with for five days.

Did I sleep enough? Of course not.

Did I mind? Nope because I consumed copious amounts of tea to keep me going.

Did I laugh endlessly and take too many pictures? You better believe it.

Catching up with friends who live in other cities on a night of a 1000 stars in our hometown

Spending time with family and teaching the youngest one to high five (I'm still sticking to that, Jess!)

Heading back to four of the most fun years of my life only to discover our house was condemned

Celebrating a friend and toasting to her and her fabulous new husband with a dance party

Rang in the 3-0 with a dear friend dancing to her favorite music - old school hip hop

Hosting friends for an indoor tailgating and celebrating a win all day long

After extended weekends like this past one, I almost require a vacation from my vacation to catch up and take a breather. Or, maybe a quiet and relaxing weekend should be ahead of me to enter the last month of 2012.


Alana said...

i need a week off from my week off, too!