finding a little slice of happiness

Everyone should those spaces or places where they can go to relax for a minute or a few hours.

Maybe it's the chair in your home office, sitting on your deck with a glass of cabernet or taking a bath on a lazy Sunday but everyone should have that spot where they go to read, write or meditate.

After joining friends for an outside yoga class earlier this summer, I was introduced to a little beach spot in Rocky River that I no idea existed and have come to love all summer long.

Taken from my little iPhone
It is a small, quaint spot hidden behind a busy road and nestled in an amazingly gorgeous neighborhood that I would love to own a house in one day. I'm talking brick houses with perfectly manicured landscaping and some even with a phenomenal lake view to watch the sun set.

I spent many an afternoon there this summer for a few hours each time, reading a book or flipping through one of my many fashion magazines.

little stepping stones
Sometimes friends would join me at my weekend hang out spot and most times I was all alone, loving every minute of the quiet time, listening to the water while soaking in the sun.

With summer over, my little quiet space will slowly come to an end as the temperatures continue to drop in Cleveland but I truly treasured my time this summer at the beach.

taken after my yoga class and first time at the beach

Where is your quiet I-need-alone-time-to-think space? How do you step away from the iPhones, iPads and our 24/7 world?


Heather said...

I love RR beach - it's such a cute little hideaway!
My favorite spot is on the rocks down at Edgewater. I'll ride my bike down with a picnic lunch, sit on the rocks, and sometimes nap. I love it.

wearingmascara said...

I really need to find a beach spot next summer. So far I've only discovered the busy ones. Thanks for this post and the reminder to always take time for yourself. Honestly, I don't have a specific spot. But I love anything outdoors. When I go camping, I could probably just sit under some trees for hours reading a book.

Amanda / Clue Into CLE said...

We have a small beach a block or two from our house that we would take walks to all summer long. There were a couple of rock barriers that went out into the water which you could walk along and sit on. So relaxing!

I was saying last night how I'm sad it's getting colder because it means less walks to the beach soon. Glad I'm not the only one who's disappointed about this.

Suburban Sweetheart said...

I need to find a place like this! I'd just found an incredible one with a similar view - albeit over a much smaller lake than Erie - in New Hampshire, right before we moved. Time to find a new one!

Fizzgig said...

so peaceful, and beautiful! everyone needs a spot like this!! mine is any time i run outside...taking in the nature of a trail, and enjoying my alone time with my thoughts!!

Katelin said...

love this. i don't have a place like this but i so need to find one, ha.

kimi said...

love this. i'm obsessed with some of my own quiet beach spots in vermilion.

JAMinCLE said...

RR Beach is awesome. Especially those stairs!! Killer workout for your booty (lululemon pants for the win!) I am a big fan of Lakewood Park. It's in walking distance. And it was just recently updated with a nice walking path down to the water with an absolutely FABULOUS view of CLE!

OBM.cle said...

I bike the o&e canal way religiously, and I have "my" spot with a picnic bench I lay on in the sun half-way through a ride ... or just to hang out and enjoy my time there. I also LOVE Edgewater at sunset any time of year, but who doesn't?