arm candy 2.0

When I think back to my childhood, my personal style really hasn't changed that much when it comes to the jewelry department. I only knew one way to wear bracelets and that was all of them at the same time on both wrists so that when I ran around, my mom at least could hear me and knew I was alive.

I pretty much took the same approach when it came to earrings and necklaces - the bigger the better....

That little trend has carried through my whole life whether it was wearing multiple scrunchies from my wrist to my elbow in junior high to gold sparkly bangles in college to cuffs on both wrists last month.

Don't believe me?
Of all the crazy things happening in this photo, let's just focus on the 10 bracelets per wrist.

Big earrings, necklace, white gloves and lipstick stain - check!

Now at 29, I'm still a huge fan of anything sparkly on my wrists, neck, hands and ears and the bigger, the better - like I said, not that much has changed since my early years and probably not even the way I organized it.

this needs some organization

While it's a little too early to create a new pinboard for my fall must-have items (even though I can't wait for tall boots and jackets), I created one for all the mix and match jewelry style I am in love with and can't get enough of gold, rose gold and silver combinations. You can never mix too many metals at once, right?

too many to choose from!

never too much gold, right?

What's on my list of must-have-on-my-wrist-right-this-second?

Nadri pave bangles - one of each color please!

aqua, gold and grey Alexis Bittar bracelets please. so pretty!

Are you more minimalist with a few key pieces or bring-on-the-bling kind of girl where you can't be wearing too much jewelry?

Obviously, you know what side of the fence I fall on....


Katie O. said...

More of a minimalist. I would love to wear more chunky jewelry and some statement pieces, but I worry that I'm going to do it wrong.

Love anything sparkly too though!

cleshopaholic said...

Obviously I'm not a minimalist either. Although, I do tone it down a little for work and stick to stud earrings and usually one piece of jewelry in addition to my huge watches.

Crystal @EatDrinkClev said...

I'd love to raid your jewelry box!

Wearing Mascara said...

I'm all about the chunky jewelry too... with statement pieces (like what Katie said). Love that first pic of you! So cute!

Kimberly said...

I love that you're an Olympian bracelet stacker. Great fall picks!

Karol P said...

Katie O... I have always heard put on everything you want and then take ONE THING off.
And follow Allison's lead...even as a child, she knew too much is NEVER enough.

Jessica (Bayjb) said...

I literally love that picture of you so much. And all of those bracelets are fab. want!

Jen said...

I'm equally obsessed. I have a pin board titled, "Bangles and Bracelets and Cuffs! Oh, MY!!"
If you ever need to sort through that drawer, I have no problem stopping by and taking any arm candy you no longer want off of your hands.

Katelin said...

i love bracelets but i just don't wear them enough especially because i'm at a computer all day so it just doesn't work. but i definitely have my favorite bangles.

also i want every single one of the ones you shared, so chic.