visiting the queen city

A few months back, I made a promise to myself that I would make an effort to get the hell out of Cleveland and visit friends that I don't see that often who live in equally kick ass cities and spend the weekend touring around their town.
After spending a quick two days in NYC, I found myself on a flight to Charlotte to visit a friend - Amber -  made somewhere between 7th and 8th grade for an extended weekend vaca to the south.

Last fall she was married and we saw each other in DC  about two months but I wanted to visit her and her husband, see their new house, meet up with her friends and spend a few days bumming around Charlotte for the weekend.

At Live after 5 at the Epi Center; those are purple sparkly jackets people!

What did we do all weekend?

On Friday, Amber and I toured around Charlotte with a late lunch of prosciutto, cheese and caprese salads on a patio while sipping sangria and mojitos before the downpour started. We shopped at a few local boutiques where I scored some serious sales at K.K. Bloom and Ivy and Leo - two sheer pink and red shirts, a red and beige striped dress plus a pair of drop earrings in mint, turquoise and blue.

Later that evening, Amber hosted a cookout to invite friends over to relax after a busy week and since the weather didn't exactly cooperate, we moved the party indoors for the evening.

Finally on Saturday, the weather cooperated and we all headed to a pool for a few hours to try and keep cool in the 95 degree humid heat, which followed by drinks at Whiskey Warehouse on the rooftop, then sushi at Nikko indoors as we avoided the second serious downpour of the weekend, then ended the night at Soul Gastrolounge with wine where apparently they have a drag queen brunch. How cool is that!?!

On Sunday, we met friends again to wrap up my weekend in Charlotte with brunch and mimosas all around the table back at Whiskey Warehouse.

grill master Joe; hostess Amber; the food; girls at the pool; my welcome card; sangria and mojitos; prosciutto, cheese and caprese salad; at sushi dinner; pool afternoon

I'm down one summer trip and next up - a Key West vacation with two friends in a month. Where are you headed for the remainder of the summer?


Katelin said...

sounds like the best weekend, i need girl friends close by, or cheap flights away at least.

Fizzgig said...

I am still hoping to visit the sis in VA beach this summer!

NC is pretty awesome, and it looks like you had one hell of a time!!

Jessica (Bayjb) said...

Looks like fun! I've only been to the Charlotte airport, but now I want to go!