inspiration this spring

The idea for this post all started when I went the other weekend to ATP Evolution for a day of workouts, nutrition and inspiration from trainer Nicole.

Aren't we all working toward some goal?

It may be saving for the tropical vacation or pair of Kate Spade summer sandals, vowing to get outside and have more fun this spring, making a better go at connecting with old friends or losing those winter pounds. Whatever it may be, we all have them.

How my friend Erin is staying motivated. Idea from the almighty Pinterest
Trainer Nicole suggested creating an inspiration board to help reach whatever goal you may have (she wanted to lose 20 pounds and strive for better balance in her life) and put it in a place so you can look at it every day.

Every single day to remind yourself of that goal.

Think back to when decoupage was popular, you know when you cut out your favorite images and words from magazines and stuck them all over a box or a board? That's what we are talking about here, people. Getting back to art class.

"Fit me" surrounded by other inspiration
My goal is to wear jeans shorts this summer. To wear them with firm and toned legs - after all, I have sturdy legs, as my friend Lia often says about her own self, and mine need some improving. A tune up if you will.

I can't tell you the last time I actually wore shorts. Early college maybe? Running shorts don't count either.

According to my very informal via Twitter, ladies, you seem to be wearing or "never" wearing shorts in the summer.

Exact comments:

"Duh, are you crazy?!? With the exception of jhorts of course."
"Sometimes. I'm a dress or skirt kind of girl."
"Almost never. Really insecure about my legs."
"All the time. White shorts are my favorite (once I get some sun on my translucent legs.)"

My summer staple outfit consists of a light dress or skirt - no shorts. Never any shorts. I always see girls wearing their favorite old pair of cut-off jean shorts and somewhere between my days of shopping at American Eagle and Abercrombie way back when, I stopped wearing them.

My goal this spring and summer -  I want to be the girl wearing a white t-shirt and cut off jean shorts. You know, the casual summer outfit to lounge around in with flip flops and a cross-body purse and bum around to shop, eat ice cream and lunch with friends.

from Pinterest.

There I said it. That's my goal. Now, what are some of your goals?


Alicia at Poise in Parma said...

You can totally rock that look already! I couldn't tell you the last time I wore shorts either (out of the house, that is).

I'm trying to build my upper body and core strength so I can work on a few specific yoga poses. I'd love to feel really strong in my headstand with out the use of a wall.

heisschic said...

I have the same goal as you, actually.

The shorts are bought ((white jeans, 2" long (eek!)) and are hanging off the door as a near-constant reminder.

What's your plan for the tune-up? I'm in training for the half, but need to add weights to my week somehow...

alexa - cleveland's a plum said...

dude, you could do that goal now!!!

hot mamma.

kimi said...

I used to be the same way about shorts, I wouldn't of been caught in them outside my back yard. Then one summer as I was sweating it out in some capris I decided that it was ENOUGH. I went out and purchased new jean shorts, khaki shorts and just decided to start wearing them. I stopped sweating like a fiend and grew to love my legs as they are. They can always use work, my thighs are a huge problem area but I figured if I can't love them then no one will. I think confidence is key!

Mel said...

I wish I could wear shorts! I always feel really stumpy. I attempted a cute printed romper on vacation in Mexico and just felt weird.

But this season, I've been looking for a pair of cut-offs though since my legs are in awesome shape now -- albeit a little white since I no longer tan -- and I want a similar casual "go to" look for summer. Where do I go? Jeans boutique didn't have anything... do I have to wait another month for "summer" clothes to get into stores?

Katie Swanberg said...

I went through a period after my exhusband told me that I had cankles where I never wore shorts. Last year I found some 9" shorts that have become my favorite and (lucky me) my boyfriend thinks short shorts are sexy because he gets to see my legs! Shorts are once again in my immediate future :)

I figure this is the body I was given, the card I was dealt...I might as well make peace and love my life and myself!

Alana said...

you're silly. you could rock shorts look hawt girl!

gotta admit - i wear shorts all summer...but most of the time they are 'lounging' shorts.

Fizzgig said...

ive been blessed with awesome legs, goal is to have tank top worthy arms. and it hurts to get there. but im doin it!!

Je said...

I've seen your legs (at least in pics) and you can totally already rock the shorts, lady! Sometimes confidence is a shift in mindset and perspective. Do IT!

Suburban Sweetheart said...

I wore a pair of shorts last summer for the first time in literally about four years, & then I later saw a photo of myself in said shorts... & vowed to never wear shorts again.

LWLH said...

I love that idea of the pound goal is to shed some weight and tone it up for our honeymoon this summer.