the one where I don't have a clever title that includes Madonna, juke boxes and bar hopping

Who didn't love that halftime show!

I don't care that she lipsynched.

I don't care that she almost fell on those bleachers. (She was in heels for god's sake!)

I don't care that she is bringing back pom poms. (I can wear a fingerless glove or two but I straight up draw the line at pom poms.)

Visually, I thought it was stunning for viewers.

Pom power!

I sat with my friend, Erin, glued to the TV and dancing on the bed and singing at the top of lungs, texting with CLEshopaholic as we are already planning to attend her unannounced concert tour this year.

Between Lady Gaga, her and Britney, I'm a fan for life of Madonna's. I can remember my aunt giving me her "True Blue" tape all those years ago and my mom bringing me home the only "appropriate" poster from her Blonde Ambition Tour to tape up on my bedroom door.

My friends and family know my love for all things Madonna and made sure to text me during and after the performance -

From my friend, Ryan, who hearts pop music but denies it- "decent."

From my brother - "So yeah there was no continuity with the songs. it just kinda stopped and started."

From my friend,  Jessica - "MADONNA WAS AMAZING."

From my friend, Katelyn -  "Please don't tell me you liked that halftime show."

From my cousin, Bryan  -"Wow, Madonna is more geriatric than I thought. She can't even move her hips and is just walking around!"

From my mom - "I loved the halftime show. I had predicted 2 of the 4 songs she sang. She snuck in open your heart."
(Side note: How cute is my mom with her texts! She knows her Madonna too!)

So, what did I do this weekend beside spends the evening with friends and this cute little baby?

Little BKE

I joined a friend at the Cleveland Aquarium for a networking event on behalf Hahn Loeser & Parks where I ran into a fellow Twitter friend and a few fellow Kent Staters too. Hi @Billablesean!  The group had the whole place to ourselves to take our time to walk through the exhibit at our leisure. P.S. Apparently you will be able to swim with sharks soon.

lobsters, Nemo and stingrays

Such a cute captain and my dress totally matched indirectly with the setting

Friday was a  mix of lots of work and a little play, where I joined my coworkers for the last few minutes of glass blowing on w. 25th and then had a few drinks and snacks at Market Garden.

Bet you've never had a conference call in the bathroom? Yep, that's right, this girl did because my phone had AMAZING service in there but not outside, in say.....the rest of the place.

Nic making an octopus

instagram makes all food photos look better

Saturday night was pretty hilarious in its entirety because it started off with a classy belated birthday dinner for Lisa at Parallax and ended with a dare game with complete strangers in ABC Tavern, which included galloping like horses and convincing someone to do the worm.

In between a delicious and equally entertaining dinner conversation and our late night trip to ABC, the group held an impromptu dance party in Hotz Cafe. I've never been to Hotz but leave it to that Alexa to direct us to an awesome little dive bar with a kick ass jukebox. You want Blink 182? Check. M83? Duh. Rihanna? You better believe it.

dancing till the world ends
Now, if you'll excuse me, I'll be navigating through a week completely scheduled out with something every single night (and definitely blogworthy content let me tell you) and counting down the days until I will be falling on my ass in the snow skiing and hot tubbing with a group of of 20 friends and friends of friends for the whole weekend. Maybe a few of them are even cute and single....

Here's to hoping I come back in one piece with no broken bones!


alexa - cleveland's a plum said...

You are a better human being for having been to Hotz's.

lzone said...

OMG. That is all.

Lil' Woman said...

I liked her performance too...though I agree she def. doesn't have the moves like she did....but hell the chick is in her 50's

Fizzgig said...

yesssssss! hello madonna fan, i am an addict! soooo many haters out there, i swear, the wait until the show has been killing me the last two weeks! i was out of breath from singing at the top of my lungs, and dancing like no one was watching, 5 times in a row! Ah-mazing!!! loved ittttt!!!!

and for the haters, um you'd rather see the who perform? I think not!!!!

Katelin said...

i really liked madonna's halftime show, i mean it was the most fun one to watch in years! so many fun effects and dancers and man, i would have been surprised if she didn't trip at one point, those shoes were outrageous.

Jessica (Bayjb) said...

LOVED MADONNA. When they started LIke a Prayer, I lost it