too much fun

While I should be blogging about what fun I had this weekend, which included a bachelorette party and a relaxing and lazy pool day with my friend and the most adorable bulldog puppy, Mira, instead I'm done. Stick in a fork in me - Too much laughing, drinking and not enough sleeping.

I'll leave you with a little humor from the Real Housewives franchise - the hilarious trainwreck from the DC show.

What is Michaele doing? Is that how I look dancing because I have no rhythm and clearly neither does she?

Bump it? 


While the song isn't about the hair accessory, wouldn't it be ah-mazing if someone sang a song called "scrunchie?" I think it would be hysterical. AND, even better if Rebecca Black sang it.


Sarah said...

ohwow hahaha she makes tardy for the party sound like lady gaga. so good!

Charlene Ann said...

This made my night!

Sports Stole My Man said...

Thank you for totally making my morning! My coworkers and I thank you!! This is pretty bad, but at least it's good to know that UPS delivery guys can moonlight as backup rappers. This is probably my least favorite Housewives song. Luann comes first, because after all, "Elegance IS learned, my friends! And money CAN'T buy you class!" Second, of course is Kim in all of her train-wreck glory. Thanks again. This was so bad, it was good.