the bambinas have arrived

This past Friday, I was taking some PTO in the afternoon to lay poolside with a very pregnant friend. In the morning I got a call from Lia, my very pregnant friend, to let me know that the weather looks like we wouldn't be laying out. Damn the weather I said. She then informed me that not only was the weather the problem but that she was being sent to the hospital to possibly deliver the twins.

"They aren't coming," Lia said. I agreed - probably just a false alarm I thought. "True, your kids aren't about to show up early to any party."

After not hearing anything all day, I get a text saying "C section is being done tonight!! Don't put it on FB please." (She knows me too well.)

The girls are officially two days old so I did what I said I wouldn't do and showed up to the hospital with another friend who NEVER goes to the hospital. We both don't want to be those people inviting ourselves up to visit with our friends who haven't slept in a few days and are new parents.

Baby Olivia Marie

Baby Gabriella Rose
celebratory cakes
Everyone is doing fabulous, even though my friends describes herself as "cut in f'ing half," and the girls will be home with their parents in no time. Because they were little, I was nervous to hold them - I feel like the babies need to be a little older until I hold them. Weird, I know, but I'm nervous! They are so damn tiny and fragile! But, I can't wait to visit them all the time, buy them ridiculous outfits, headbands and shoes because that's what pseudo aunts are for!


Lil' Woman said...

Aww their precious....congrats to your friends! :)

Katelin said...

aw so dang cute, congrats to your friend, woo!

Fizzgig said...

babies and child birth scare me. It doesnt help that there are coffee filters in this photo.

wtf do they use THOSE for?