memorial day whirlwind

Oh, how I love long weekends that bring summer back into the mix instead of the usual rain we've been experiencing in Cleveland.

My weekend was filled with driving all over northeast ohio to visit friends and family for cookouts and girls' nights - because you can never have too many of those.

Meet my friend's new puppy, Mira

First stab at making funnel cakes since the rain kept us away

However, you better believe I spent some time outside laying out and planting a few flowers too.

I was hopping all over the place from the far west side back to the east side and then the Detroit shoreway neighborhood yesterday for a long motorcycle ride. From the east side, we came down Chester into the city and the ride in was an interesting way to view the city, seeing as most of the area was deserted for the weekend. I've never noticed some of the remodeled homes that are on Chester, leading into the city. Normally, I'm driving so I'm not paying attention but this time I had to chance to look all around and just hold on for dear life so I didn't fall off the bike.

We stopped for dinner at Reddstone but they stopped serving dinner so we headed over to Stone Mad for a late dinner. Who knew we weren't the only ones who didn't attend a cookout on Memorial Day?

I'm all about the warm weather and don't want to hear anyone complain about it. Here we come summer. Now, if I can just get bathing suit ready and not scare my neighbors?


Lil' Woman said...

Sounds like a fun weekend...I'm happy that summer is here...Goodbye snow and hopefully yucky rain.