kickin' in the front seat, kickin' in the back seat

Friday, March 18, 2011
Fun, fun, fun,

party and party and yeah!

party and party and yeah!

It's Frrriiiidaaaaaay, Friddddaaaayyyy

What the hell is going on in this video?

What the hell is going on with her voice?

And why can I stop singing to it!

Clearly the kids stole the convertible can't legally drive because I'm pretty sure the driver is 13 years old not to mention everyone at the party either has braces or isn't over 4 foot.

 While this is a lame excuse for a post, I bet you will be singing this for the rest of the weeekkkend.


Suburban Sweetheart said...

Don't forget to watch these child videos by the same "production company." Not quiiiite as awesome as RBlack, but they're up there:


I'm partial to this one:

And this one comes closest to rivaling Miss Black's masterpiece:

Fizzgig said...

oh my this was on the radio this morning, and i thought the morning show made it up as a joke lol

Lil' Woman said...

Damn you Allison!

Lil' Woman said...

P.S. Who wrote this?? Reallly?
P.P.S. That black guy lost any street cred he could have possibly had