rewind: jump back ball 2011

As I lay here in bed watching the Oscars preview, it's safe to say that my first Jump Back Ball experience was an amazing success.

So much so that I've spent most of the afternoon (and into the evening) in bed.

Damn you hurricanes! 

We all had a blast. That's a complete understatement for my group of friends because it was such a good night of dancing, drinking, falling, then more falling, then ice luging and then more dancing. (There was so much food available (missed the damn pretzels!) but we were busy on the dance floor. While I didn't wear the dress everyone voted on (it didn't get great reviews) , I ended up borrowing the dress from my friend and was happy with the end result.

Quotes remembered from the night:
BF to his friend: "Why the hell didn't we come to this when we were single?"
His friend to the BF: "Seriously, what the hell were we thinking?" Cue eye rolling.
Same friend: "We are coming to this every year."

While I didn't spend too much eating food, it was definitely delicious but I missed the soft pretzels! Noooooo! I was too busy dancing to the Menus with my friends and then to RadioActive. Whoever booked this band should get a big high five- they were awesome. They played everything from Lady Gaga to Notorious B.I.G. and sounded amazing.

Now, on with the show!

Early on in the night

absolutely loved this band

great idea then, not a good idea in the morning. Doesn't my friend look like Kate Middleton?
The BF putting the moves on Lia

And here's a video recap of the night in 1:35 that didn't contain too much shaky video, laughing or talking in the background.

Jump Back Ball 2011 from Allison Peltz on Vimeo.

Disclosure: I was given a pair of tickets to attend this awesome event. However, I was planning on going and buying my tickets even if I wasn't given them and will continue to attend every year! Thanks Steph and Cindi.

H.S. reunion

Somehow I have been graduated from high school for 10 years.

A whole frickin' decade.

At least we were creative with party themes, right?

In 10 years, I've conquered a few things.

College, landed a job, moved three times, moved in with the BF and even made a really adult decision bought a house, started a blog and met all kinds of cool people in Cleveland, watched friends get married and have babies and taken a few vacations in the process.

The reason I'm thinking about all of this because of three words: high school reunion.

My friend is in charge of planning the reunion and we had quite the texting conversation this past week. I know nothing about planning a reunion and quite frankly I'm not sure how many people will come back. Out of my friends, they live all from Chicago to LA to DC with only a handful still around Cleveland.

My first thought was have a low key party at a bar and keep it simple, right? She informed me that people have it all weekend long with a low key Friday night and then a dinner on Saturday at a hotel where people can stay. Who knew!

So, the bigger question is, would you or would you not go to your high school reunion? And if you do, what the hell is the event supposed to be like?
Can you spot me?

white boys can't dance

Here's the thing about weddings.

Every white boy thinks they can dance after they've had a few too many shots or vodka sodas.

Case in point - the wedding my friends and I attended last weekend.

Let me first say that I can't dance and wildly flail my arms to resemble some kind of dancing. I even chronicled in this post or even this one where everyone seems to disagree with me even though you've never seen my dancing ever.

Let's break down what gets my friends to get a-moving and shaking on the dance floor.

It's a little song called Crazy Game of Poker by O.A.R. 

Much like Bad Romance will make me do my best Lady Gaga impression, this song gets the boys away from the bar and on the dance floor, flailing arms shaking a tail feather.

breaking it down

The BF and Morgan breaking it down

More singing and dancing

Unfortunately, I was having too much fun to whip out my flip but here's just one photo of us before the dancing machine put on his dancing shoes.

zoom zoom my ass

Thursday, February 17, 2011
Two years ago, I made an awful mistake.

I was so ready to get rid of my Fusion, I traded it in for a quick lease on a Mazda 3.

Worst. Mistake. Ever.

So happy in my shiny, new car

The car drives like a go-kart and I swear Mario is going to pop up next to me. Not to mention it sounds like the wind is coming through my windows and I have to turn the stereo up to 15 with the windows down to hear any of the words from the music. Plus, the sunroof might as well not exist because it is incredibly noisy.

Yes, I test drove it.

No, I didn't notice any of these things at the time because I was blinded by the shiny new ride.

I'm easily distracted by sparkly things. This is true.

Well, this shiny thing isn't so any more thanks to the snow and ice pile at the end of my driveway.

Front left bumper, slightly popped out

Do I hate driving this car? Yes

Do I hate driving this car even more? Oh yes.

Do I hate that it's going to cost money because I can't back out of my driveway? Oh yes and yes.

Well, at least it's the weekend, right?

angry birds vs the BF

Tuesday, February 15, 2011
If you follow me on Twitter, you would've known that last night the BF had a little bit of a lovefest with the game Angry Birds on his new iPhone 4, not the 3GS like I have.

In honor of the big V-day, he purchased some last-minute chocolate covered strawberries and some other ice cream dessert that my ass didn't really need after that workout. BUT, I sampled a few bites of it anyway.

However, that was the extent of the lovey-dovey day because he was absolutlely consumed by the game on the phone which he swore he would never become addicted to. (It hasn't even been a week yet.)

Please see exhibit A.

Untitled from Allison Peltz on Vimeo.

because everyone loves a good greeting card

Friday, February 11, 2011
In anticipation of Valentine's day, I leave with you a few hilarious cards. One for the men, one for the ladies, one for the single ladies and one to the BF.

What men wish for - - Don't forget that blow jobs are like flowers for men

What girls might want - - Happy early Valentine's Day to someone who should already be planning the greatest night of my life

For my single ladies - - My true love is out there somewhere and they can go fuck themselves

A card I should probably give to the BF - - Nothing Steve Jobs ever creates could fully replace you in my life

welcome to the dark side

Hell has frozen over.

The BF is getting an iPhone.

Yes, you read that right. The BF who joined Facebook in the last year (and won't think about Twitter) is the new owner of the shiny new Verizon iPhone.

Ha! Verizon, shmerizon.

After reading a Wired article regarding data usage on the new phone, I forwarded it over to the BF because it raises some concerns. From the article, "Verizon incidentally announced a plan for “data optimization” for all customers, which may degrade the appearance of videos streamed on smartphones, for example.
Verizon didn’t send out press releases to alert the public of this nationwide change regarding data throttling and so-called “optimization.” The only reason this news hit the wire was because a blogger noticed a PDF explaining the policy on Verizon’s website, which Verizon later confirmed was official. Obviously it’s bad news, so Verizon wanted to keep a lid on it."

I send him the link as a friendly FYI to him and his new toy.

His response:
"Blah blah blah...i doubt very much that I'll be in the top 5%...scratch that...the top 25% of data hogs nationwide.  You have to remember...I won't be using this device in nearly the same way you do."

My response:
Dear BF,
You will be when you understand how cool it is.
I want an iPad as well.

His response: 
Dear Allison -
I want...
- a new motorcycle
- a new shed in my back yard
- a new roof over our sweet new bed
- a new concrete driveway and walkway
- a new deck on the back of the house
- a new BIGGER TV
- a vacation to Turks & Caicos with topless room service

Thanks for playing.

My final response:
I want this nice little Louis Vuitton speedy in the Damier Azur Canvas (and have for the last three years) and since it's Valentine's day - you can put up the money right about now. Walk into Sak's and ask for Francisco - he's waiting for you.


friday night movie night

Sunday, February 6, 2011
Let's get to the point of this post right away.

We were the old people at the movie this past weekend.

There, I said it. I'm 28 years old and I was the "old people."

Have you ever gone to a movie and been warned that there are "a lot of kids in the theater?" Yeah, me neither.

Let's rewind back to Friday night. The BF, me and another couple grab dinner together and my friend recommended we see "The Roommate." Now, we both love Blair Waldorf so of course we would want to see this psycho thriller.

The line to purchase tickets is way too long when we get to the theater. I hop on my handy dandy Fandango app to buy them, bypassing the first ticket window. As we take our tickets to enter the theater, the ticket taker warns, "Just so you are aware, there a lot of kids in the theater. Your theater is to the left."

Me:  Shrugging her comment off, "Well, it's opening weekend for this movie I think."

As we approached the left side, we hand our tickets to ticket taker #2 and she says, "Just wanted to warn you there's a lot of kids in the theater. If it gets rowdy, come and get us."

Me: Look strangely at the BF and wonder aloud, "Should we switch movies?"

Let's just say us plus one other couple, who we sat next to who also pointed out we picked the wrong movie, were over the age of 17.

Hands down, everyone in that theater was a minor. They were minors ready to party. It was quite possibly the rowdiest movie I've ever sat through. This coming from a girl who has seen Twilight movies at midnight so picture more yelling and clapping then when Jacob takes off shirt in New Moon.(Yes, that much.)

The movie that was supposed to be a psycho thriller became more and more hilarious with every supposed scary scene with Leighton Meester. How can I take the movie seriously when the kid behind me was yelling "Follow me on Twitter at lilheezy73!"

Ahhh, back to the work week.

rent the runway - Jump Back Ball style

In just a few weeks, I'll be attending my first Jump Back Ball with the BF and a group of friends. I've heard about the event from friends who have previously attended and they said it rocked. It was amazing. It was the party in Cleveland not to miss.

Back in November, I wrote about the kick off ticket party and how I was selected along with Seanski to receive a pair of tickets.
For everyone who purchased tickets (Sorry, tix are sold out now), here is a preview of Passport to Party:
Fun activities which will be even more hilarious after a few glasses of wine:
Caricature artist (I'll flash my calves)
Fortune tellers (this could be hilarious)
Gambling (The BF is pretty good)
Jugglers (Can I join in?)
Labatt photo booth (this can be trouble)

And the bands.....
Polka band (I'm 25% polish!)
The Menus

And the food.....
VIP party catered by AMP 150
Absolut martini bar (dirty one please!)
Around the world buffet from Sammy's
Drumrolllll..... a sno cone machine.

While all that's great, let's not forget about one of the most important parts of the event - the fashion.

Seeing as I've never been to many "balls" in my life, I feel like now is an excellent time to try Rent the Runway. A few of my friends have rented from here and it's been featured on all sorts of shows, including when Gossip Girl named dropped it on more than one occasion.

Over the past month, I've been perusing the site to look for a possible dress to rent. The hardest part is choosing one because there are so many amazing designers I can't afford but I can rennnnnnnnttttt one.

So, here are the dresses I like and are under $100 (that's key my friends).When choosing, please keep in mind these models are sticks. I'm 5'7" and probably 150 pounds with some sturdy legs, so I'd like your opinion on which dress I should rent - maybe you all can sway my decision one way or the other.

Dress #1
Badgley Mischka
Short and sassy with a nice color
Dress #2
Mark & James By Badgley Mischka
short and sassy with a bit of fringe

Dress #3
Mark & James By Badgley Mischka
long and elegant with delicate details 

Dress #4
Nicole Miller
long and sultry and so not something I'd pick

Personally, I'm leaning toward #2 or #3 but I'm not sure I can pull off a maxi dress. Plus, it all depends if these will be available when I go to rent it too.

So, dear blog readers, which dress should I choose?