Decorating is hard work

Tuesday, May 11, 2010
Since moving in, we've yet to paint, hang any pictures or buy any new furniture. It's officially been two months and it feels like we've been here a week.

On the top of my list is to decorate my dressing room.

We have four bedrooms and we agreed that I would get to have a room all to my own to decorate, throw clothes and get ready in on a daily basis.

Please notice the room.

Another view

It's hot pink. What you can't tell is that the walls are actually different colors. She so nicely painted the other walls a brighter shade of pink.

I just purchased an antique, off-white vanity after looking online for months and stalking what is quickly becoming one of my favorite stores, Stash Style. Shannon and her team have such an eclectic taste of furniture, decorations and random accessories from picture frames to vintage books and cupcakes. (I was tempted to buy one, but I passed seeing as I had to run and see my personal trainer today.)

I’m thinking on painting the walls a pale, turquoise-ish blue at this point like this Aqua-Sphere shade. Or maybe something like this from the House of Turquoise.

Some other items that are piquing my interest:

These Blik chandeliers in white

One of these to go on the wall from an Etsy boutique

Maybe a dress form like this one from PB teen

I also have enough room to put a two smaller chairs or on chaise lounge as well. I just need to get the basics down then pull in all he decorating pieces and accessories.

What do you think? Do you find decorating is hard work? What other sites do you use to find inspiration or decorating tips?


OHmommy said...

I think I need a dressing room. Would it be bad if I moved one of the kids into the basement guest room? Ha.

Love your vision.

angela said...

check out apartment therapy and design*sponge. I don't decorate my own places because they're so temporary right now, but these sites are so pretty! I just breeze through the pics but you might find some good, useful ideas!

PomJob said...

I just bought my first house, too, (you kind of inspired me) and I'm stuck in the same quandary. Some of the design/decorating blogs I've recently added to my Reader include:

Good luck and enjoy! (Although I don't think there's much to painting to enjoy, except the finished product.)

I think I'm going to steal your Blik idea for my dining room - the white will look nice with robin's egg blue walls.

chocoholic said...

I want a dressing room! I defintely have the clothes to fill it!

Marie said...

Oh I like the blue A LOT more. And all your choices of how you're thinking of decorating it sound really gorgeous.

Theoretically I love decorating, but then in reality I get fed up quickly so I end up with something way too simple.

Liz@thisfullhouse said...

Um, 16 years later...we're STILL not done :( I love eating my heart out...I mean...visiting this site for ideas:

Hey, what about the door that mysteriously opens? Still doing it?

Mel said...

This last dresser is EXACTLY what I want to do with a vintage desk I purchased months ago. We have zero space for me to have a vanity right now. I hate it.

So, it's sitting in storage.

Amy G said...

I love that your dressing room is Blush and Bashful!

Bite Buff said...

My boyfriend is going to kill you- I WANT a dressing room! How fun. Then I wouldn't get yelled at for throwing my stuff around in the morning or leaving my straightening iron out. Love the chosen shade by the way. Thanks for the tip on the vanity. I've been looking for one everywhere!

Anonymous said...

why don't you save your money and just keep the door shut???

steph anne said...

I love those blik chandeliers! I bought one a few years ago and had it up in our bedroom. We had to take it down when we moved and it was impossible to reuse it. :(

Jessica (Bayjb) said...

I LOVE those chandeliers. Decorating can be tough because I tend to want to decorate all at once instead of in pieces. I love your pink walls :)

Christina K said...

I love the turquoise color! I can get totally obsessed with decorating or I can wait years (7) to get a room just right. Domino magazine was my favorite inspiration. Boo that it's no longer around.

wall sticker said...

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