Friday Fodder

The word "Daddy" by girls over the age of 7 makes my skin crawl.

eewwwwwwww. Blah. Gross. Sick.

Why on earth would a grown women ever use that word to refer to their father? It drives me crazy when you hear women use that word in a high-pitched voice and then pout their lips. Um. No. It's gross.

Have you ever seen Fool's Gold? (I'm not ashamed to admit I caught it while flipping through HBO.) The girl who plays the old guy's 16-year-old daughter constantly refers to him as "daddy." Now, she's on one of my favorite shows, Entourage, and I can think of is her in the movie Fool's Gold. I can't see her as Eric's new toy for the moment. Every Sunday night I picture her not as Eric's girlfriend, but the 16-year-old who called her dad "daddy" 45,343 times throughout the movie.

Other words that creep me out:

Panties - sick.
Moist - sick.
The P word - so sick.
Suck - yes, I hate that word. I hate that word used in any form. I hate it more when something doesn't go my way, I tell a friend and their response is "Oh, well that sucks."

What words, if any, creep you out?


Marie said...

Dad, Pops, Papa is what I usually call my dad.

Now I can't get the word "moist" out of my head.

Have a great weekend!

All Lacquered Up said...

Thank you! Every time I see that Ashley girl I think of just how annoying she was in Fool's Gold. Though saying out loud that I watched that movie is painful. There are not enough McConaughey shirtless scenes to make up for that train wreck.

Now this may sound odd but the word "deuce" bothers me. It makes me think "dropping a deuce" which is not only an overshare but just foul sounding.

Sarah said...

eww i hate the word panties too!

~*~Lilly~*~ said...

I have to agree with you on the "daddy" or in spanish & our hood "papi".

I once had a d-bag of a boyfriend who went by "Daddy Febry" & let me just throw in his first name was NOT Febry - it was Joan (pronounced Johan) This d-bag wanted me to call him "daddy febry" & refer to his as "daddy" when getting it on. Yuck! & then we he threw in the calling him "papi", i was like get out of my bed & don't let the door slam you in the ass dumba$$. lol

liferehab said...

I'm one of those daddy girls. I don't even notice I do it until someone calls me out on it. I used to work at the same restaurant as my dad and one time I called "daddy, you have a phone call" over the PA. That was over a year ago and all his chefs still call him daddy.

beautifulinexactly said...

The word "goop" or, even worse, "goopy" makes me gag. No joke. My brother, cousins, father and even my boyfriend love to throw it out there just to laugh at my reaction.

I, also, am one of those "daddy" girls, but only in an occasional, affectionate way. NEVER a pouting way ... I'm a grown woman, for Pete's sake! We also work together so most often I just call him by his first name, even when we're not at work.

Lil' Woman said...

I use Daddy once in awhile but usually throw an 'o' on the end (daddy-o) just to be stupid.. my dad didn't raise a sissy and doesnt go for the pouting shit..he'll tell me to fix my :)

Narm said...

Marriage. Commitment. Feelings. Menstruation.

Always a Bridesmaid said...

Ha ha ha, Narm!

I agree with your list and would add: slacks, pocketbook, rubber (as in, tires -- don't go getting all perverted on me, Narm).

GS said...

Juicy... in english and even more in spanish, specially when is about something that´s not food eek!

The Modern Gal said...

Ah! I hate the word panties too! It give me the creepy old man creeps!

Amy said...

Moist is actually a really bad word. I don't have any words I strongly dislike but the boyfriend hates the words 'petticoat' (he doesn't see the point of the word) and 'garnish' (he thinks it's a word about nothing). At least your hated words have some form of reasoning behind them, I mean really, who hates the word 'garnish' (other than my slightly weird boyfriend)?!

Je said...

I HATE the word panties. Eww. Eww. Eww.