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Friday, June 19, 2009

Sex tape edition.

OK, ladies and gents, stop filming yourself in the act and "slipping" it to production companies.

First there was Pam, then Paris, then a whole slew of b-list celebrities, including Kim Kardashian who skyrocketed to fame while being naked.

Why is it that all the girls become super famous and the men are left in the dust?

Anyway, today another young starlet is accused of having a sex tape, Leighton Meester from GossipGirl.

"It was from a long time ago, blah blah, it was before she was really famous, blah blah blah, an ex-boyfriend, blah blah."

If you are going to show your goodies on film, make sure you own the only copy and keep it safe. Not safe in your video library so that your-sorta-kinda-of-friend can take it, but safe in the most hidden spot you only know.


P.S. I'll still watch next season.


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Ugh seriously. Maybe GG will have a sex tape story line next season haha