death to hoodies

Thursday, February 5, 2009
I hate hoodies on guys. Yes, that's right, I'll admit it. I don't like hoodies on grown men. Maybe because I think of a past person who was entirely too old and still wearing Abercrombie hoodies. Blah!

If you are over the age of 21 and still wearing Abercrombie hoodies and cologne, you need a serious kick in the ass if you want to land a girlfriend.

Why the hoodie with colorful designs and lettering? Please don't add a popped collar because then I'll flip my lid. Is your last name Gotti?

Don't you think a fitted sport coat from Banana Republic would do? Or another type of light jacket? Hell, it can be Old Navy for that matter but adding the hoodie for comfort takes your age and penis size down about 5 years and inches.

Let's look at some images to prove my point.

Take this gentleman. Imagine how much hotter he would be with a sport coat.

This guy almost has it right - minus the fact the forgot to take his hoodie off before he put on the sport coat. Are you cold or something?

I'm afraid to look directly at him with this zipped up.

What style do men hate? And stop saying skinny jeans because we like that our legs look like suctioned sausages.


Anonymous said...

I've gotta disagree with you on this one.. I love myself some hoodies, and I love hoodies on guys! I think it's a nice relaxed looking, makes me abit nostalgic for college as well.. nothing wrong with that..

I'd say that I hate Tights on most women, because they wear tights and a T-shirt that is way to short to be considered a dress.. so their ass is OUT and they say it's cool i have on tights.. no it's still your ass hanging out.

I also hate women in moon boots as I call them.. Ladies in *functional* warm, fluffy, snow boots that are flats.. either wear uggs or put on a heel because you look crazy.


adriana said...

My bf HATES the boots over the jeans thing, mostly because we live in LA and it's NEVER cold enough here to warrant the boots over the jeans thing.

Allison M. said...

Anon - good point. our asses are still hanging out. However, if you live in Cleveland, Uggs are a must for winter.

Adriana - If you lived in Cleveland, you could get away it. My BF still hates my Uggs over the boots though.

Ashley said...

I have to admit that I'm a total sucker for the gray (not zip-up) hoodie. Maybe it's the sporty look, but some guys can just pull that off -- assuming they don't have somewhere to be.

lucklys said...

yeah, i like my guys in hoodies. zip-up or not. my boyfriend is slightly older than me and he manages to pull it off without batting an eye. he even asked for one for christmas, which i happily obliged. as long as the guy isn't huge or sweating all over the place...or ugly in general (yes, i'm mean), then i say it's a go for the hoodie.

Little Willie said...

If I lost five inches of pee pee length I'd be in the negative. Hoodies be gone!

Lil' Woman said...

yeah the 1st guy with the gray hoodie on..eww...that thing is wayyy too bf would probably say the shirt/dress look.
ya know the girls that try to take an obvious shirt and just keeping pulling it down to cover their butts.
i'm not gonna lie i've sported it a few times but with leggings or tights.

SheBloggs said...

I love hoodies on me, but guys really depends. Like all the ones you mentioned do look a little juvenile, but like a navy blue one, in a nice comfy size and some blue jeans? lol (trying to make it right in my mind haha)

My fashion tip is to stay away from the stuff that's too popular, somehow that's unpopular to me..? I'm weird I guess..

Katelin said...

i don't mind hoodies on guys really, which i guess is good since matt still rocks them, as do i.

but as for a fashion trend he cannot stand, leggings. oh man leggings, haha. i will never hear the end of it from him on that one.

Cory said...

I hate hoodies period mostly because they got popular from 'hip-hop' fashion. Also, what's the point in having a hood if your barely going to use it? I mean, you can't use it for looks because its always behind your head. That's why I wear jackets. Hoodies without the hood. Because I don't see the point.

Anonymous said...

I love hoodies and your Aunt is never wrong. Everyone should support local highschool sports with a hoodie!!!

Anonymous said...

Really? Seriously? No hoodies? I'm all about the hoodies. For guys and girls. How did you get through college? I agree that the ├╝ber designed, "I'm trying too hard" hoodies on guys are not the best fashion statement. But super fitted blazers walk that same line for me. I prefer the laid back, "I didn't try"" look (within reason) because honestly I hope he doesn't try that hard. That's part of the beauty of a guy, they're clueless. Please don't encourage them to be too fashion savvy.