Tony No-go

Thursday, August 28, 2008

Dear Jessica,

Didn't you learn the first time about talking about your relationships? We are all completely thrilled for you that you have found the love of your life in Tony Romo and even that you feel the need to share it with However, don't you remember how this played out last time? You had several TV shows, a singing career, clothing/hair/edible body lotions lines then your divorce hit, and your relationship was more exposed more than Britney's and Paris' privates put together. Do you really want your name splashed across E! News or CNN's ticker if this ends badly?

Take a note from Ms. Beyonce. Stop talking about it. Or, if you do, choose your words and interviews wisely.

Now, is that tuna or chicken again?

Your former and could be again fan,
Allison M.


ANG* said...

has anyone heard her country album!? i really do *want* to like her, but shes making it hard.

Katelin said...

i totally agree with you about this, you'd think she'd take her relationships a little more privately seeing as to how the rest have played out so far. oh well.

Hot Coffee Girl said...

You didn't just write, "more exposed more than Britney's and Paris' privates put together" ...

I can't wait to see what the search engines bring your way now.

Caden said...

I'd have to agree. She doesn't seem to have learned from past mistakes.

brandy said...

Ugh. I completely agree. Everytime she starts a sentence "Tony is the love of my life because..." I want to take her into a quiet corner and tell her to stop. talking. about. it. I'm all for love, and gushing, but it just seems over the top and cringe worthy.

Allison M. said...

ang - not a fan of country.

katelin - yes. exactly.

hot coffee girl - I did. It's true.

caden - don't think so.

brandy - well put. When you keep openly chatting about it, I kind of think it's a show.

Me! said...

Amen. And I'm from Dallas -- so can you imagine how much I hear about her and Tony??