Scents and sensibility

Thursday, August 14, 2008
The nose is a very impressive part of our body says me, the person with no medical degree. Smells trigger everything for me. Curve for women reminds me of 7th grade, Lovespell from Victoria's Secret reminds me of senior year of high school and then Pink Sugar reminds me of my friend Erin. Maybe because she had 75 perfumes, all of which smelled like sugar in a bottle! You name it, the girl had it!

Anyway, what about the smells that remind you of your past relationships/people? For some reason, if I catch a whiff of a past smell, it can send me into major hurl mode. Just to make sure I wasn't the only who thought this, I asked a coworker and she agreed. She said it can bring back all memories, good or bad. Good point, Mo!

The BF bought body wash and it's one of those smells. OMG! It's such an overpowering scent mixed with a metal-ish scent and freshness. (Bad description, I know.) I nearly puked when I smelled the bottle and need to replace it ASAP. Like tonight. Because the BF refuses to shower in his bathroom because the shower supposedly leaks, he showers in mine with the horrific smelling body wash. Then, when I get in the shower, I smell it again. Blah.

So, what smells remind you of past relationships/people? Coolwater, Curve, Lacoste, Burberry?


BloodRedRoses said...

Axe reminds me of grades 7-8 because boys would spray it in the hallways until they were drenched in it.

If I smell it today I don't react the way those commercials promise.

I do my best not to gag.

Mel said...

Yeah, I have Axe, Gaultier and Lacoste ex-boyfriends (and one that would only use regular soap). They are attached to both good and bad.

GOD, I LOVE when a man smells good and cologne-y... even better when a little of that scent lingers with you after you get to work in the morning. GRAAAAWWWWRR!

Mon said...

powdered sugar reminds me of my dads moms house, and pancakes remind me of my moms moms house.

carmel corn reminds me of the mall.

but im not keen enough to smell perfumey stuff and be reminded of a person.

Sarah said...

axe and givenchy remind me of two dudes i dated. and since we ended on good terms, both scents still make me smile.

nice title btw :)

Holly Grande said...

Another friend of mine wrote a blog entry about this a few weeks ago. It's so strange, and so haunting sometimes.

Narm said...

The smell of Arby's reminds me of that 2 months rendez-vous I had with mozzarella sticks back in 02

Alexa said...

CK ONE so reminds me of freshman year of high school

Kristen Kaleal said...

According to Grissom on CSI, our greatest sense memories are tied to smell.

I totally believe this. The other day, something I smelled (seriously) smelled like the Nancy Drew books I read when I was 8 or 9. It took me back a few years!

Other strong sense memories -

Lagerfeld's Sun Moon

Liz Claiborne & Realities...high school

Love Spell - 2003 - my best summer ever

Bath & Body's Plumeria - when Princess Di died.

It's almost freaky how a smell can take you back.

ttown said...

Tommy makes me think of middle school basketball games....all the boys drenched themselves in it!