Real world meet up

Saturday, August 9, 2008
If it weren't for Alexa, none of us (semi famous) peeps would've gotten together Saturday night. That means, there wouldn't have been any meeting Everest, talking with the Chef or his Widow, stuffing ourselves full of pizza, fries and some apps/desserts compliments of the chef, causing a scene with the young girls from the PD, laughing hysterically over relationship stories, or meeting Nom and friends on the rooftop for cornhole and beer drinking. Taawd and Mel - you missed the amazing impromptu flip cup game that happened.

Here's what I've learned after meeting these bloggers/ now real world friends -
-Mel will never cut her hair again.
-You can't see inside Tawwd's place from Route 2 (although I think he wants us too)
-We all agreed that we are now more than ever obsessed with Bar Cento, the atmosphere, the food and Magic Hat #9
-The BF shared his love for Abby Ham over and over. This is a whole other post in itself.
-Alexa wants a 8x10 signed glossy of Carl Monday
-Yes, I was embarrassed when he told the PD girls we are semi-famous (We aren't! OK, maybe Mel is. Yes, hello - she was in the 25th anniversary of Cleveland magazine! That is major.)

And yes, I will hang out with each and everyone you again!

***And, we also met out Suzanne of Life on Mars.


Alexa said...

we are beyond famous.

im awesome at flip cup and i WILL email carl monday tomorrow just to prove my point!

btw, is it bad the i don't remember all of flip cup? oops.

good times my friend, good times.

Savvy Mode SG said...

what a cool idea.

Mel said...

Wow. That makes me sound boring. LOL Dammit, I totally could have redeemed myself with flip cup.

Good times with you guys, good times. See you soon!

Anonymous said...

That's scary that the BF has a thing for Abby Ham. Since I first saw her I thought she was a blonde-haired version of you.

BloggingJason said...

FlipCup is never impromptu. We've planned your demise before you saw it coming. ;) Glad peoples had a good time.

Mon said...

sounds like a killer time! I bet you could rent carl munday for a party or something. He cant be that much, i mean that astro cat mascot from the akron aeros runs for like, 25 bucks an hour.