One bucket

For some odd reason, the BF really wanted to take me to the driving range this week. I've never had a real desire to go because a)you can't talk a lot, b) you can't really yell "FOUR" like they do in the movies, and c) you must have patience for the art of golf. All of which are qualities that I don't posess. But, for the sake of trying new things, I ventured to the greens with him to spend some QT and let him try and teach me the game of golf.

(Editor's note: We don't do work out activities together. I can't work out with him. If we go for a nice walk in the metroparks, he tries to push me over the edge of the cliff. Not funny. I don't like working out with people in general so it's no exception with him.)

Anyway, back to our golfing trip. We attempted to go the day before but because the BF knew all things golf, he forgot to call them and ask if they'd be mowing. Because if he did call and ask, he would've been told that they were mowing the driving range that evening.

All in all, I don't think I'm that terrible of a golfer. I don't know if my spastic movements are right for golf - I have a lot of energy. But, maybe if you give me more lessons (like 35) and I think I could become pretty competitive.

This is rough:

Here's where I start to get a bit better.

I only lasted one bucket of balls.


taawd said...

certainly there was improvement.

keep hitting them and keep your head down. that's what my dad always told me. don't look up to see where it went. when you get good enough it'll still be in the air after you complete your swing-thru.

that's what my dad said. sure, whatever dad!

Narm said...

You are already better than me.

No seriously.

Miss Mar said...

Geez you are WAY better than I could ever be. I have a problem making contact with the ball. I don't get why it's so hard for me. Although you do look a bit spastic in that first video ;)

Anonymous said...

when they yell four, it is actually spelled fore, not four as you had put it.

Mel said...

Ha, anonymous beat me to the fore comment.

I'm still just "OK" at golf, three years later. I guess it was nice hearing from a seasoned golf person that I had a nice swing though.

Every time I hit the ball, I have a need to swear. It's like golf tourette's.

Maureen N said...

Love the videos and the BF's commentary in the first one! Keep 'em coming!

Allison M. said...

Tawwd - That's what the BF was saying, too.

Narm - My ego is lifted.

anonymous - Told you I'm not a golfer. Are you really surprised I spelled it wrong?

Mel - I also kept swearing. Poor little kids by me.

Maureen - I felt I needed to show off my lack of skills.

-A said...

Much credit for getting out there and trying - I'm sure the BF appreciated it.

I'm with Narm, you're already better than me. But I must say, you are too cute in the first video!

Alexa said...

"how do i get umphh to it"

BAHAHAHA! i love this.

i think you should go around and film other random sports. badminton is next.

Mon said...

thats pretty sweet. You are gonna be a mad golfer. I dont like games that require any sort of skill.

Katelin said...

yeah my bf tried to get me to swing at the golf range too, definitely did not happen, haha.

Anonymous said...

Alexa -
Love your idea! I can guarantee that you'll see more sports-related videos coming!


Allison M. said...

I don't know about all that.

Allison M. said...

I don't know about all that.

Jim H. said...

BF -- Don't teach Allison how to golf. Leave yourself one unadulterated outlet for non-GF activities, for christ sake.

Anonymous said...

Allison......It's not that you hit the ball far, it's the attempt. No golfer hits a perfect shot everytime, even the BF. What makes it worth the good shot that brings you back again and again. Kind of like a slot machine; gives a little and then takes it back. The plus is that you will spend some quality time with the BF.