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Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Since I was single this past weekend with the BF at a bachelor party, my friends and I rallied together for a late dinner, wine drinking and then dancing at Velvet Dog. It was beyond a blast of a time. I had such a great time with everyone. From 8:30 to 3 a.m. I was completely entertained by each of their hysterics, including the almost argument we had with a bitchy girl at D'vine and all of the creepy men on the Velvet Dog's rooftop. I know, I know, I know. I knew what I was getting myself into, but we haven't been up there in forever and we now have our fill for the summer.

It was packed with boys with button downs, gold chains, white tanks underneath, slicked back hair and even the super pimp himself in full attire. You know it's a good night when you run into Rod Stewart. What gave him that idea? (Note to self: Find the superpimp and interview him.)

Anyway, only me plus one more ended up heading to the rooftop with two old college guy friends who we thought would serve as bodyguards. We were so wrong - they ended up dominating the dance floor with their crazy moves and scamming on other girls.

Because I wasn't inhiberiated, I noticed the guys around the dance floor. Have you ever actually looked at the guys that swarm around when a group of girls are dancing? I'm going to think you haven't because you had one too many drinks. But, really, it's quite amazing. They sit, stare and point with their friends and then make the move only tools make - they come up from behind you, grab you by the waist and thrust into you. OK - no one likes that. You do realize that, right? This is not the Roxbury and you are not Chris Kattan.

The BF calls it "freaking" on girls. I guarantee he and his friends used to go to
W.6th, hit on girls and take them home by "freaking" on them. He even gets this stupid grin as if he's remembering his days in the basement of Blind Pig. Damn, I wish I could go back into time to see that. He claims he's too old for W.6th anymore. I'm not - best people watching EVER!

So, ladies or gents, what is your exit strategy when boys/girls try to "freak" on you?


Narm said...

Where do the W. 6th people go in the sunlight? I understand that most of the girls with the makeup and crazy hair melt - but I want to see these guys interact in a situation that is void of Jagerbombs. Do they have office jobs? Or do they somehow make a living out of rubbing their crotch against things?

And where do I sign up?

Allison M. said...

They do have jobs - it's called Abercrombie part-time.

Maureen N said...

My exit stragtey is to just walk or "dance" away, but usually I just start laughing hysterically and shake my head as a signal to him "no that is not okay!"

Mel said...

I like an "ew" attached with a palm in his face.

I don't think so.

ANG* said...

what you witnessed my friend, were NEW HAIRCUTS in action. ick! but i would have had my camera out documenting the hilarity.

(in case you haven't seen this:

Holly Grande said...

Haha, great entry. Thanks for sharing.

Let's see, my exit strategy is the classic: "I have to go find my girlfriend. Bye!" Or I dance away, because, ew.

The Modern Gal said...

I switch my ring from my right hand to my left and pretend it's a wedding band. Usually works.

I hate getting hit on on the dance floor. I'll take anywhere else, but not there

Kristen Kaleal said...

That is exactly why I never hit the Warehouse District anymore.

I usually have to leave C-town to party. It's less gross and skeevy (for the most part).

Michelle said...

Hahaha yes I think ang* is right...we will have to go downtown again...with show this up close and personal!! I think I have rug burn on my right leg from all of the "men" trying to freak dance with us!!

Alexa said...

omg you must watch new haircuts on youtube!

also, super pimp?!? lets go out for drinks with him

Douchegirl said...

All I do is crack up and the laughter scares them away.

taawd said...

the dudes are in the gym all day long and then shooting themselves up with 'roids.

i remember the daze of wish and aqua... two of the best cleveland bars ever. okay, i was a lot younger then... er, A LOT but screw it if i ain't cooler now!

Allison M. said...

maureen- I'm meaner than you.

mel - that's about what I would do.

ang - next time. I will come with my flash ready.

holly grande - you are so nice.

modern gal - I would think that would attract more guys.

KK - I know, I know. Love and hate it.

Michelle - Remember, bring camera next time.

Alexa- He'll be our new friend.

Douchegirl - That works. Or insults, too.

Tawwd - I vaguely remember Wish. How about the Beach club? I was sneaking in there.

Deutlich said...

uhm. those dudes look ridiculous.. horribly, horribly ridiculous

i just can't get down w/guys that look like that


Katelin said...

haha sounds like one hell of a night.

and my exit strategy usually entails my phone ringing or my friends dragging me away to dance with them, classy stuff.

Mel said...

OMG, if you were sneaking into the Beach Club... then I am officially a LOT older too. LOL

Gawd, I think I spent every Thursday night of my pre-21st during college at that bar. And I also remember purposely wearing white or bright colors to attract the black light.


Fabulously Broke said...


And guys think that works!!!?!?!?!?

christina k said...

a) that photo is disgusting
b) my girlfriends and I have a rule to not discuss who was mackin behind us during wild bachelorette nights. It's never pretty.