master oven

Sunday, August 17, 2008

Toaster ovens and boys go together so well. Boys are toaster gods. They know exactly how to use them in the best combination with the microwave. Before I moved in the BF, I didn't own a toaster oven. Never thought I would really need one considering I had an oven in my apartment. You can broil and bake in that one just fine. Who needs to ovens? Right? Wrong says the BF.

Back story -
When we first moved in together, he had the oldest grey, because the white had deteriorated over time, toaster oven you've ever seen. It was screaming to be thrown out but it worked every time, so says the BF, so he couldn't throw it out. Well, he did pitch it a few months later after multiple people asked how old the toaster was. We replaced it with a new silver version from 2008. Ever since then, it will occasionally burn things that "the other one never burned." It was $50 - what do you want?! Needless to say, I get shit every time the toaster f's up.

But, he can still cook anything and everything in there. Last night, he made me (awwww, I know) a frozen french bread pizza.

BF: Put it in the microwave.
Me: Eww, you're crazy. It won't be crispy.
BF: Defrost it for a minute and a half then put it in the already warm toaster oven that I'm starting for you now.
Me: How long do I put it in for?
BF: 1 minute 30 seconds
Me: How do you know that?
BF: Because I do.

Don't mess with a guy, his microwave or his toaster oven.


Alexa said...

i hope you ate that frozen pizza by candlelight

Mon said...

boys are smart about some stuff. Like, I can cook, but I have to babysit things and watch the time, and test and taste.

My bf can put something in boiling water and just know when its done. Or pull it off the grill just in time. I have to stab grill items and cut them in half.

it's in their genes, I bet washing the dishes and laundry is in there just has to find its way out.