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Monday, August 25, 2008
Yesterday, I decided to get in with the spirit of the Olympics and head for one long ass run/walk over to my friend's house. The BF had just returned from his 72-hour non-stop bachelor party in Chicago. Since he was going to occupy the living room for the next 12 hours and I was "moving too fast" around the place for him, I decided to run over to my friend's house. Truth be told, I'm really out of shape. I mean, it's bad. I'm 25-years-old and a 12-year-old could beat me in a mile. Hell, I bet I can't even run a 10-minute mile. (OK, it's not really that bad, but this last month has thrown my work outs for a loop. I was doing so good before!)

I leave with no cell phone (yes!) and start running to her house. I figured I wouldn't be back for awhile because it's about 3 miles to her place and the BF would be passed out, so no one would need to reach me. By the time I visited with her neighbors, drank a gallon of water and ran back, even though they insisted on driving me home.

(Editor's note: Hello! My whole point is to get back into tip-top shape.)

Anyway, it had been almost two hours since I left and I had no idea of time because I was in my own little world, listening and singing along to Rihanna. I walk up to our place, dripping in sweat because I thought I was Jackie Joyner Kersee and the BF is walking out of our place, looking around for something.

Me: Nearly out of breath, "Heeeyyyyy."
BF: "Where have you been?"
Me: "Um, being an Olympic athlete."
BF: "I called Michelle and she said she hasn't seen you. I was going to drive around and look for you."
Me: "What? Why would you do that? Where would you even start?"
BF: "I don't know, but you've been gone for two hours and scared the shit out of me."
Me: "Awww, you were going to search for me."
BF: "Yes. Who goes running that long?" Then he notices my condition, "Wow- you are a sweaty mess."

Who said getting in shape was pretty?


Mon said...

ummm kicking ass to me is a 13 minute mile. And i've been at it for two years. So, embrace whatcha got!

sometimes boys can be pretty cute!!

Katelin said...

way to go with the running, that is kick ass. i commend anyone that can run longer than 3 minutes, that's about where i stop and start walking, haha.

-A said...

That's awesome girl! But how sore are you now?

Too cute that the BF was so worried he was going to drive around looking for you!

Caden said...

Aww. That's how I look when I get home from a run. The husband wants me to take a damn phone with me but I refuse as it's kind of my escape.