Love on TV

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

The BF has a major crush on Abby Ham. For those of you not in the Cleveland area, she co-anchors the morning news on channel 3. I can't recall when I first noticed his undying love for her. Seeing as we get ready in two separate bathrooms in the morning, I thought I'd hear him talking to someone but I wasn't quite sure. Then, last year, she was in Cleveland Magazine you would've thought he struck gold. He took it from my office and kept it on his desk for months. This is when I noticed his local celebrity crush.

Every morning, he talks to the TV. I'm not kidding. He has one-way convos with the TV every morning. It's hysterical. I should film a snippet and post it. Here's a little sampling of what I hear:

"Good moooooorrrning Abby." (Pretty much what he says every day.)
"Not a good look for you, Abby."
"Did you cut your hair Abby?"
"Allison, your hair kind of looks like Abby's."
"Ohhhh, Abby, that's not a good look for you."
"Oh, Abby, are tanning? You look tan."
"Abby, you look great today."

Abby, if you read this which you probably don't, my BF would love a 8x10 signed glossy of you for his office. And, it would be priceless to see how embarrassed (read absolutely excited) to receive it.


Shoesalwaysfit said...

You know, my DH thinks she's hot too. Since we're not morning tv watchers, I only have to deal with his cooing during the promos on during primetime.

Mon said...

hm...she looks a little stiff to me. I dont watch tv in the morning, I stay up too late watching it so i sleep in and always rush. i have seen her on the promos though.

Narm said...

Terrible - we all know Melissa Mack is the local hottie.

Alexa said...

we have GOT to get the cohabitant an autograph - with all of our media contacts this should be easy!

taawd said...

i'll make sure she sees it!

Katelin said...

haha that's awesome. random crush, but awesome nonetheless.

Allison M. said...

shoesalwaysfit - it makes my mornings interesting! I love it.

mon - I like her. She has great chemistry with Mark.

Narm - those are fighting words with the BF.

alexa - I know, I know.

Tawwd - hahaha. poor girl.

katelin - you wouldn't believe it.

Abby Ham said...

Allison-- First of all, you are hysterical! Todd emailed me this posting and I laughed out loud. Secondly, while you are a proud cohabitant, I am adjusting to married life. I'd say we have a lot in common. Please email me at work and give me your address, The glossy will be in the mail immediately.