Golden Girls

Tuesday, August 5, 2008

I can't tell you how much I love little old ladies. They just tell you like it is. They all, I swear, have this uncanny ability of getting exactly what they want without really asking for it but throw in a bit of flattery to make it worth your while. Case in point - our trip to East Coast Custard yesterday evening.

The BF and I sit down outside next to these lovely white-haired older ladies and both comment on our delicious our ice cream looks. Picture Sophia and Rose from Golden Girls.

Old lady: Oh, Doris, doesn't their ice cream just look delicious?
Old lady's friend: Oh yes, it looks great. What did you get?
Me: Chocolate chip custard with almonds.
Old Lady: Oh my. That is what I want. I hope that's what Connie is getting me.
Old lady's friend: Oh, I hope she does, too. That is just what I want to order.
Me: Did you order this?
Old lady: No, I told her to surprise me. I hope she gets me that but you never know with Connie. I hardly get up here without someone taking me. I do love this place, don't you?

Thinking at this point that this lady wants me to get off my ass and go to whoever Connie is to get that ice cream. I look inside and notice the long line.

Me: She probably didn't order yet. Do you want me to tell Connnie to get you this?
Old lady: Oh. No. Don't worry about it. I'm sure she'll surprise me with something scrumptious.
Me: Are you sure? I can. Who is she and what's her name?
Old lady: Her name is Connie, reddish hair and with a good-looking fellow in glasses.

She totally got me. So, I did my great Samataitan deal, went inside and found Connie who looked at me with those "Who the F are you eyes" and she ordered her mother the ice cream.

With the whole 57 seconds it took to find Connie, those two old ladies already interrogated the BF with how long we've dated, are we married and where do we live. I walk out just as the woman says to me, "I told him it's about time you two get married. You are a fine looking couple." The old woman's friend says, "Oh yes, one fine looking couple. It's about time."

There you have it.


Mel said...

I'm sure if you ran into "Blanche" this would have been a completely different conversation with the BF.

Welcome back!

Katelin said...

haha that's awesome. leave to the old ladies to tell you to get married within five minutes of meeting you.

Miss Mar said...

Old ladies have got everyone whipped.

Narm said...

Old Lady's should have a bigger part in interrogating criminals - who could lie to these women?