Can I buy you a drink?

Thursday, August 7, 2008
Boys like to be hit on just as much as girls. Yep, that's right. You all act like you love going to up to girls, making the first move, starting the casual conversation and wasting valuable dollars on martinis that she'll drink and walk right away from you. HA! But, you also enjoy when the tables are flipped and the girls approach you. Example: The BF was hit on by a girl at bar last night. After a company softball game, everyone heads to a bar in Tremont with drink and food specials, plus an awesome patio with cornhole. Anyway, this morning he decides to tell me the story and gloat about his victory.

"OH, and I didn't even tell you what happened last night?
Me: What?
BF: I got hit on. (very proud by this acheivement)
Me: By a girl?
BF: Yep, and I still got it.

Editor's note: After men have been in a serious relationship, they must feel that they don't "have it" anymore. Why would you think you would lose "it?" You had it in the first place, you landed a girlfriend, so you obviously still "have it." You don't lose it just because you have been monogamous with the same girl. I get it

Me: You still got it?
BF: Oh yeah. They still flock to me.
Me: Ignoring his obvious glory he wants me to acknowledge, She really hit on you?
BF: Yep.
Me: Did you get her number?
BF: Uh, no, I know better than that.
Me: So. You gave her your number.
BF: No, idiot. But she had her phone sitting on the bar the whole time just waiting for me to give it to her. She asked if I had a girlfriend right away.
Me: Wow. She cut right to the chase.
BF: Then she asked if it was serious.

I surveyed a few guys to ask their opinions and they feel the same way - they love it. One even said, "Girls are used to being hit on all the time. It's a new thing for guys - and we love it."


Narm said...

As a witness to this incident I have to say - having a girl come up and shamelessly flirt with you is one of the greatest feelings in the world.

Girls don't understand because you get hit on constantly - it is a rare occurrence for guys so just let us have our moment.

addy said...

Haha that's pretty funny. My boyfriend gets extremely uncomfortable when he gets hit on - and then he blushes and comes straight home to tell me. But even so, I think he still gets a little of a kick about it. Someone he works with tries to set him up with a friend of hers, and asked how serious we were as well. I don't mind him getting hit on, but I take a tiny bit of offense to them asking how serious we are. :)

Katelin said...

haha i think everyone likes getting hit on whether they admit it or not. it's nice to know people find you attractive and that you still "got it", haha.

rs27 said...

I would open this up to having a girl actually talk to me at any point.

Amy G said...

I was sitting at the other end of the table making fun of him.

Alexa said...

i like it that the girl cute right to the chase. that's something i would do. why waste my perfectly good jokes on someone with a GF?!?

i mean i have enough friends.

im dreaming of bar cento btw.

Mel said...

Mmmmm, Bar Cento. :-)

I love that said girl didn't mind at first that he had a girlfriend, only when it was serious? Like, what, if he just had a girlfriend, it was still cool to play along for the night.

Feh, women!

Mon said...

having "it" is important for girls too. Flattery. I believe. It's nice when the one you are with makes you feel that way, and you dont feel the need to suck it up from strangers.

Im for the first time giving and receiving such "it'ness". So far, so good almost a year. We also pick each other up sometimes at the bar, its fun and flirtatious!

i should totally start a magazine.

Miss Mar said...

Definitely true! When some girl randomly pinched my boyfriend's butt at a bar (when I was sitting right next to him!!) he couldn't stop talking about it for a week. ....MEN!

taawd said...

i'm not trying to form some alliance or anything but i'm agreeing with narm! hell, let us have our moment. even the "semi-famous" have bruised egos and like to know we're (er, they're) sexy.

great meeting you in person and the bf. what a fun time. i put you up on the blogroll. as i told chef's widow, i ain't got that much to offer but i can do that.

again, so fun!!

Allison M. said...

Narm- I will shamelessly flirt with you next time.

Addy- Girls can be a little loopy.

Katelin - I'll always have it.

rs27 - Stop scaring them then.

Amy G. - Wish you had a camera.

Alexa - Was that you hitting on him?

Mel - She was a youngin' he says. They don't know any better.

Mon - Wait. You pick up your BF?

Miss Mar - Pinching butts still works?

Taawd - Boys always stick together.

Anonymous said...

The older you are the greater the thrill.