Keeping things new...again and again and again

Friday, September 14, 2007
I'm always saying to the B.F., "we need to keep our relationship exciting." I never want to be one of those boring couples that sit in together every weekend. Don't get me wrong...a nice relaxing night at home after a long work week is fantastic, but I don't like to make habit of it. I like to keep things moving and busy. Bartering in relationships is a pretty popular thing says the Today Show** and happens most of the time without actually pointing it out. The B.F. and I will switch off on cooking and cleaning up after dinner and household chores to balance our egos out -- yes, we both have them.

My friend, Michelle, said that her B.F. and her have blowjob Sundays and Thursdays. So if it's not one of those days, they don't discuss the b-word. My friend Erin and I used to discuss the increase or decrease in one's sex life after they've moved or have been in a relationship for awhile. Ask any guy and there response is, "I don't have sex enough." Well to prove her B.F. wrong, Erin documented their time under the covers and compared it to her other friends' sex lives and ta dah -- they actually were on the higher end.

Other simple examples can be:
-pick up a movie on your way from work
-make dinner plans and surprise the other person
-clean up after the other person if they are more messy than you (OK, maybe that one is a stretch)!

If you do something special one week, then make sure to return the favor -- bartered or not.

**Editor's note: I seem to reference the Today Show a lot, but I think about what I'm going to blog about in the morning and I happen to be watching that show.