Guy Decoder FOUND

Wednesday, September 12, 2007
Whether you are living or not living with a boyfriend, you still need a guy decoder. If boys think girls are crazy, you have no idea what it's like trying to decode your speak -- guyspeak as I've called it before. Yesterday, I get this giddy phone call from the B.F. saying, "You missed this story on the Today show. I thought of you instantly." So he sends me over this link, and holy shit, where was this for the past 8 years of my dating life. Who knew guys were such head cases? Girls get always get pegged for the psychos, but boys are in the closet with their issues. I'll admit, girls have their share of Lorena Bobbitt moments when they lose all touch with reality, and I've had my share too. But this, this link, provides easy explanations to understanding and comprehending what a boy or B.F. is saying when he's really not saying anything at all.

The B.F. and I fight about the remote and DVR.
The Guy decoder says, "He will not relinquish control of the remote."

Answer is ---If this really means a lot to you, I suggest you get a television with no remote. Seriously, this is a battle men would probably die fighting. I’ve never met a couple where the man didn’t want to run the remote. My gay friends have this issue, too. (They usually wind up getting two remotes.)

So true! Every guy has this control issue with the remote. The B.F. complains that I channel surf too much, but hello, how can I be channel surfing if you have the remote?

If you and your boy/girl keep having fights over the small stuff, I suggest you take a look at that link. If nothing else, it is highly entertaining and is a good forward to break up the work day.


michelle v said...

we might be a first. Jamie usually lets me control the romote.